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Tip#1127: Top Feel Good Movies, Pt 7 – Green Book

Ever since I started posting photos on Instagram of my old illustrations and publications during the Christmas holidays in Las Vegas I’ve been receiving many heartfelt comments from fans and friends from the past! One comment that blew my mind came from an old school friend who wrote on Instagram

“You’re still one of the most brilliant illustrators I’ve ever met. #drawslikeaboss” 
Vivian Vassos, Junior high school friend & Executive Editor of Canada’s Zoomer Magazine

That comment was one of the greatest Christmas gifts I received during the holidays and it really made me rethink my career and how to re-integrate my artistic talents. I have so much art and illustrations people have never seen and am eager to share with the world! On top of that I also have unreleased songs I’ve produced I want to share.

 See more of my art & illustrations:

Thanks again to my mom and dad, they kept many creative projects of mine that reminded me of my art and musical talents. This example is one of many custom cassette demos of my songs I composed and performed in 1993 called "Round the Bend". I always believed it is destined to be a hit when I eventually release it! I also illustrated the wraparound cassette cover.

Synchronistically the first film I am blogging about for the New Year is all about embracing one’s creative talents and so much more. It's such a great feel-good movie that I’m rooting for it to win Oscars for Best Picture and Best Actor for Viggo Mortensen!

Green Book (2018)

The comedy-drama film, Green Book, is inspired by a true story about Italian American Tony Vallelonga (Viggo Mortensen) being hired as a driver and bodyguard for African-American classical and jazz pianist Don Shirley (Mahershala Ali). As The Don Shirley Trio they go on a tour of the Deep South in 1962. This highly entertaining film is note perfect in its storytelling and cast and is a must see!
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There are so many reasons why I love this movie! So here are…

Top 10 Reasons You Need To See Green Book:

1. Entertaining
The story, the characters and the period music took me to another world and brought me back to earth feeling so fantastic. It’s also hilarious! I’ve seen it twice as of this post and I now have to fit this into my list of top feel-good films!

2. Life Lessons
The film is brimming with life lessons that highlight examples of: courage, confidence, perseverance, resilience, integrity and indestructible optimism.

3. Business Lessons
Every entrepreneur needs to use this film as an inspirational learning tool! There are tips in negotiation, management, client relations and more.

4. Friendship and Family
The heart of this film is how friendships can develop despite personality differences and racial barriers. The love between a man and wife are also celebrated as is the love of family at Christmas time.

5. Great Soundtrack
This film is filled back-to-back with fantastic songs! You’ll hear popular jazz, rock and roll and Christmas songs of the 60’s as well as selections from The Don Shirley Trio. It definitely triggered a sense of nostalgia for me even though I wasn’t even born in this time!

6. Social Change
The racism explored in this film is still timely for today’s issues and challenges. It also shows how people can change and learn to respect and welcome each other’s differences and appearances.

7. Embracing Your Talents, Gifts & Skills
This film is definitely inspiring for anyone dreaming of or pursuing a career as a musician or an artist. It shows the sacrifices as well as joys one must take to make their creative dreams come true.

8. Foodie Film
As a foodie I was thrilled at how much food is celebrated in this movie! Hot dogs, pizzas, Christmas dinners and even the joys of how to eat Kentucky Fried Chicken are gloriously highlighted in this film! I had a massive craving for crispy fried chicken after we left the theatre!

9. Christmas Movie
This is one of those films I want to watch at Christmas time every year with loved ones and friends! I may have to add it to my top favourite Christmas movies!

10. Inspiring Quotes
This film is brimming with inspirational quotes for living life, business and for following a dream. There is also a funny misquote for you to watch out for.

“You know, my father used to say, whatever you do, do it 100%. When you work, work. When you laugh, laugh. When you eat, eat like it's your last meal.” 

Meeting Viggo Mortensen

As I mentioned in Tip#1123 meeting actor Viggo Mortensen back in November made such an impact on me that I think about it almost every day. It’s partly because he was such a nice, down to earth guy but mostly because he had personally invited me to a secret Q&A screening of his Green Book movie that evening. In fact he even ran up to me after we parted to tell me the specific time. I felt bad that I couldn’t go but I just felt that meeting was more important on some higher level.

When I finally saw Green Book while on holidays in Las Vegas I felt I had seen one of the most important films of my life overflowing with life lessons (and business lessons) that I needed to know for the coming year. Green Book will definitely be my cinematic guidebook for the New Year!

Sometimes a movie is much more than a movie when it can inspire change both in yourself or with others around you. A film can help inspire you to pursue your talents and gifts or to find your inner strengths and courage. Find that special feel-good film today to empower you to have the best New Year ever! Happy New Year!

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