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Tip#1130: What Does Family Mean to You? Part 11 - Crazy Rich Asians

One of the funniest and most memorable parts of my annual Las Vegas holiday vacation was at a home dinner buffet with many of my Mom’s Filipino friends. When one of them found out I was single she excitedly started fixing me up with her two nieces! And then another woman said she’d be my “manager” in finding a wife and offered to cater my wedding!

Soon everyone at the dining table started pitching in and were choosing the church and the priest for me. Then they discussed what kind of wedding cake I should have. They even chose the honeymoon locations but were arguing which place was better! It was hilarious and it was like a scene out of a movie but with a room of enthusiastic Filipinos and thick accents eagerly planning a wedding and honeymoon for myself and a woman I hadn’t even met yet!

Of course I loved them all for wanting to help me out. After all, finding a loving woman to share my life with is still a big dream of mine and this Filipino community had warmed to my heart. On top of this I went to visit my 101 year old grandmother (Lola) in Santa Barbara and she insisted I move there because there were “prospects” for me. So I asked, “So Lola, you mean I will find a California girl here to be my wife?” She laughed and that made me feel so good I could make her laugh at her age!

All of this reminded me of the fun and hilarity in the film Rich Crazy Asians. It truly showed the love of family and cultural community support, and challenges, when it comes to weddings!

Crazy Rich Asians 2018)

The romantic comedy drama film, Crazy Rich Asians, is about a Chinese American professor, Rachel Chu (Constance Wu) who travels to meet her boyfriend, Nick's (Henry Golding) family and discovers they are among the richest in Singapore. This highly entertaining, hilarious and heartwarming movie is filled with memorable performances by a predominately Asian cast that include Gemma Chan, Nico Santos, Lisa Lu, Awkwafina, Ken Jeong, and Michelle Yeoh.
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I was so surprised at how entertaining this movie was! Every character was wonderful and I loved seeing the Asian middle and upper class lifestyles through the eyes of Rachel. Awkwafina’s character of Goh Peik Lin was a funny scene-stealer as was her entire family! Singapore is also stunning to see because some of the architecture looks like a futuristic Sci Fi movie. And then there’s the wedding which was one of the most beautiful wedding scenes I’ve ever seen in a film.

Rachel also demonstrates much courage in facing the challenges of wealthy society as well as Nick’s domineering mother Eleanor (Michelle Yeoh). It took her awhile to find her inner strengths but Rachel does show her passion, perseverance, confidence, compassion, strategic thinking and eventually her indestructible optimism. Ethnic cultures like Asian or Filipino families can be filled with much hilarity and equal amounts of relationship challenges.

In the end love always shines through when we embrace all our family members (and future ones) as well as our own inner strengths. And if you need some inspiration to cultivate your love of family then find a film about family today to re-energize your heart and hope!

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