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Tip#1114: What Does Family Mean to You? Part 10 - Moonstruck - Unleashed

I just trudged through a third week of seasonal affective disorder (SAD, winter depression, winter blues). For me the onset of SAD felt like slowly entering a dark tunnel where the shorter days of sunlight quietly tightens around my body and brain. The symptoms are similar to clinical depression where I’d start to lose my focus and concentration, feel heaviness in my arms and legs, feel hopelessness, withdrawal and a loss of self-worth. If this sounds familiar I encourage you to research more about the symptoms and coping tools for SAD. Read: SAD

The pattern of my SAD symptoms occur during the fall and winter months from September to March which is why it’s also called winter depression or winter blues. It can feel very isolating and these are times I really wish I had a family of my own or other like-minded people for support. This is why I’ve been actively seeking out local support groups, Facebook groups, Meetup groups and new LinkedIn contacts that can relate.

Though movies are a great coping tool when I’m alone a sense of family or clan is still so important during these dark months. Thankfully I’ve been rediscovering films that inspire that sense of family and loving support to keep me positive on my search. Here are two very different yet entertaining examples…

Moonstruck (1987)

The romantic comedy film, Moonstruck, is about Loretta Castorini (Cher) a widowed, 37-year-old, Italian-American woman who falls in love with her fiancée's estranged, hot-tempered younger brother, Ronny Cammareri (Nicolas Cage). This hilarious, heartwarming movie is filled with memorable moments and dialogue by a note-perfect cast that includes Olympia Dukakis, Vincent Gardenia, Danny Aiello and Feodor Chaliapin Jr.
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I saw this romcom for the first time in many years and immediately fell in love it! All the characters and the story lifted me up and left me smiling. As a food lover there were so many scenes with food and my favourite was the breakfast scene of the eggs fried inside a hole in a slice of bread. And every scene between Loretta and Ronny and each member of her family had dialogue that was electric! It’s these scenes of family that warmed my heart because of the love that eventually shined through the frustration, pain and anger.

Unleashed (2005)

The martial arts action film, Unleashed, is about Danny (Jet Li) trained like an attack dog by Crime Boss Bart (Bob Hoskins) but discovers a better life thanks to blind piano tuner Sam (Morgan Freeman) and his daughter Victoria (Kerry Condon). This movie is a unique genre mash up of martial arts action and a comedy drama featuring the power of music and family.
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If you are a fan of Jet Li or intense action fights that’s equally about the love of family and friendship then I highly recommend this film. Every scene with Sam, Victoria and Danny is full of warmth in how they help Danny’s hurt childlike mind adjust to receiving love, encouragement and support instead of being treated, literally, like a dog from his old life. Watching Danny learn to play the piano, shop in a grocery store and eat ice cream for the first time was unexpectedly fun! In the end I was deeply moved by how Danny transformed from a traumatic upbringing into a man surrounded by a new, caring family.

Family can be portrayed in so many different ways in the cinema that can inspire and warm your heart. How about you? What movies about family lifted your spirits and brought some light into your life?

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