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Tip#1110: See How Fast The Internet Connects You To The World, Part 2 - Searching

I recently did a thrilling Labor Day weekend road trip with friends from Toronto to Milford, Pennsylvania! During that time I was able to stay offline with social media and fully enjoy the beautiful scenery and live human interactions. But normally I am on social media and google several times a day and even get my news on Twitter which I find to be the fastest resource online. Times have changed growing up when there was no internet!

I really love the internet because I can get information fast and instantaneously. For example when I write a post on this blog I can instantly google the film title and find the cast, photos and trailers for that movie. And then I can post a link to my write-up onto my social media channels that include Facebook, Linkedin and Twitter. I also love Instagram and YouTube for finding information and sharing my writing, photos and videos to help others around the world with inspiration and motivation.

I recently saw a film that demonstrated the many benefits of the internet and social media while also being a powerful commentary on the pitfalls. This is a must see not only for entertainment but also for a movie used as an inspirational, learning tool.

Searching (2018)

The thriller drama film, Searching, is about single father David Kim (John Cho) using online technology to find his missing 16-year-old daughter Margot (Michelle La). This highly engaging, gripping and original movie has a powerful cast that includes Cho as well as Michelle La, Debra Messing and Joseph Lee. See: movie trailer

This film has been called a cinematic masterpiece and I agree! This was a real achievement that was shot entirely from the point-of-view of smartphones and computer screens. It surprisingly generates many emotionally engaged moments that we all take for granted when using a computer or mobile phones. David is also a great cinematic role model for demonstrating passion, perseverance, resilience, resourcefulness, leadership, teamwork and indestructible optimism.

Ultimately David uses his wits to utilize personal technology and online resources like social media to gather information, clues and contacts in order to find his daughter. His passion was his fuel to accomplish his goal.

Inspiring Themes:
• Passion
• Perseverance
• Resilience
Indestructible Optimism
• Leadership
• Teamwork
• Supportive Relationships
• Resourcefulness
• Social Media & Communications

Some people may have a fear about online technology or of social media. But like anything in life there are always pros and cons. The key is to activate your indestructible optimism and find the silver linings that benefit you. Information that you need can be found instantly on your computer, laptop or mobile phone. Just remember that human interaction is important too so make sure you find a healthy, satisfying balance as well!

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