Sunday, March 04, 2007

Tip#34: See How Fast The Internet Connects You To The World

In my last entry I talked about Ellen DeGeneres asking Steven Spielberg during the Oscars telecast to take a picture of her and Clint Eastwood. The press loved it and it was a main feature of their coverage of Ellen hosting the Academy Awards.

Then I remembered that Ellen wanted the photo for her MySpace site and wondered if she was serious. So I decided to go online to MySpace and to my surprise found her site and the actual picture that was taken by Spielberg. I was amazed! I felt instantly connected to Ellen as if we were best buddies.

It just goes to show that the internet is one of the best inventions ever (aside from chocolate and movies!). Around the world anyone can connect instantly via email or through the countless websites geared to helping people connect with each other. And whether you want to connect for business or personal purposes I highly recommend you spend time exploring some of the more popular sites and see the benefits for you.

Here are some examples:


Blog stands for "web log" and is a huge community of individuals of all ages sharing their daily diaries and thoughts online for the world to see. My blog is more of an "experts blog" where I can share free motivational tips on an international level. And best of all starting a blog is easy and free. Check out which is what my blog is on. Check out too.

This is the site I mentioned for Ellen DeGeneres and geared towards social networking. MySpace has received massive press and is being used on so many levels by people for creative ways of connecting to the world. Musicians, for example, are using it to market their new tunes and videos whether they are signed or not. This site's benefits are so huge I have yet to tap into it's potential so I just have a basic profile up. Again it's free. has been called "MySpace for grownups" and is primarily for business networking. It’s been growing in popularity and is an effective tool to connect with friends online and connect with business contacts on their lists. Again, I have yet to tap into it's full potential but at least I have a profile up which is free to do. is another massively successful site for those who want to share their video clips with the world or find footage of almost anything. It's not just a site for funny clips of cats falling into toilets, you can find favourite music videos or scenes from movies and tv shows or even educational material. And you can make comments on the clips you have seen which instantly connects you to the person who posted the video clip. Once again it's free to sign up. is overflowing with topics that you can join to meet up with like minded people on a monthly basis. There are so many topics in Toronto alone and I have met some amazing individuals that have helped me personally and professionally. Of course if you do not enjoy a specific meetup group you don't have to go back. And signing up, doing a profile and joining a group initially doesn't cost anything. Some groups do have minimal fees though. is an interesting site because it can help you define your goals and connect you worldwide with like-minded people. It was very thought provoking to see other people's goals and see how different they value what they want in life. I also found the site helpful in defining my own goals. And once again it is free! Do you see a pattern here? Are you liking the cost factors on these sites?

So don't get left behind if you've been resisting getting to know the internet world. This invaluable tool is here to stay and can truly help you accelerate achieving your goals. I recommend putting in a basic profile of yourself to start on websites you are interested in.

Just be responsible with how much information you give about yourself. The profiles and photos that you'll post on these websites represent the image you want to communicate. And keep it mind you are always in control and can change or remove your profile at anytime.

Most importantly have fun exploring these sites. Remember the internet is an incredibly fast and effective way to connect with people who share your interests.

Emmanuel Lopez
© Emmanuel Lopez 2007


david santos said...

This work is very good, thank you

Anonymous said...

I am enjoying reading the information provided in your bulletins. Extra thanks for this message and the specific web site addresses that it contains. I am going to try a few and will give you my feedback. Thx.

Gordon O.

Anonymous said...

Emmanuel! Thanks for all that information! I was only aware of two of you've opened up a whole new experience.

Don't you just love Ellen! I think she is just the most wonderful human being. I love her genuine way of involving ordinary people into her world. She hugs the world while she dances, smiles and cries.

All life's best to you