Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Tip#33: Dream Big! - Ellen DeGeneres

Watching the 79th Academy Awardswas a new experience as I got to attend a glitzy Oscar party hosted by Metro News here in Toronto. As I mentioned in my last blog entry I had won a ticket for two to attend this event and it was a thrill.

The Rosewater Supper Club location was gorgeous sparkling with golden lighting, chandeliers and a warm vibe everywhere. Delicious hor d'oeuvres came non-stop straight to our table and we all later received free dvd prizes. Large screens were televising the Oscars where we watched, laughed, ate and drank to our shared passion for movies.

Ellen DeGeneresdid a great job hosting the Oscars this year bringing her fun, down to earth style of comedy. That's what I enjoy about Ellenis that her personality is all about being real and relatable in a world that mostly seems untouchable. She playfully breaks down those invisible walls between superstar celebrities and the general public.

For example, during the show Ellenstrolled down an aisle of movie stars and stopped to chat with Clint Eastwood and then asked Steven Spielberg to take a photo of her and Clint. Spielberg happily obliged which the audience loved. It was a real authentic moment and Ellenbehaved like a genuine fan doing what we'd all love to do with our heroes and idols. And she did it in the middle of the Academy Awards where over a billion people around the world watched live. I loved it!

Dreams Come True

Ellenmentioned at the start of the show that it was her dream since she was a little girl to host the Oscars. Hearing her say that was inspiring as it always was when anyone mentions their dreams coming true as they accept their awards. It shows us that anyone can dream big and make it come true. It also reminds us all that famous and successful people are flesh and blood like you and I.

The next day Ellenhad a live post Oscars show on her talk show and shared candid footage of her preparing to host the Oscars. There was a point where she got emotional because it had dawned on her that her dream of hosting the Oscars was coming true. She confessed later how overwhelmed and blessed she felt that people believed in her so much that she could take on such a huge task.

Let Ellen,dream come true inspire your own big dreams. Imagine that all your heroes and idols successes are mirrors for your own future. Eliminate those invisible walls that you have between you and famous role models you admire and respect. Visualizing where you want to be is a primary key to using the law of attraction.

Ellenhas become a new hero for me now and her Oscar dream come true now fuels my own dream of being at the Academy Awardsone day. And when I'm there I'll have to ask Spielberg to take a picture of me and Ellenduring the show! Afterall, you really have nothing to lose for dreaming big.

Emmanuel Lopez
© Emmanuel Lopez 2007


Anonymous said...

Hi Emmanuel,

Congrats on winning those free tickets for Sunday's event! Either your vibration is working tenfold or you got really good karma or something? Way to go!!!


Anonymous said...

That's good stuff man

Thank you for all these messages.