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Tip#38: Law of Attraction, Part 4 - Believe It Or Not - The Secret

Believing is the very first step in initiating the law of attraction. Become conscious of your mindset.

The Secret (2006)

The movie The Secret is a series of interviews with experts in various fields of personal growth demonstrating the use of the law of attraction to manifest our dreams and goals.

I recently saw an interesting segment of The Gill Deacon Show on CBC where they were discussing The Secretphenomenon. I've also been following other features and the growing debates in the media. And I just saw a funny new Saturday Night Liveparody of the Oprah Showepisode featuring The Secretcreator.

All of this usually go hand in hand when something huge and successful enters our pop culture. People either believe or they don't. I just smiled because all the pros and cons regarding The Secretare demonstrating what the movie is talking about. And that is BELIEVING is the very first step to manifesting the law of attraction.

Defined as: to accept as true, genuine, or real

It's an attitude that one must choose before allowing an idea into your life. So if you don't believe in something then it simply doesn't have value or substance to your way of thinking or feeling. Throughout history all new ideas had met some disbelief such as the Wright Brothersclaim in the early 1900's that man could fly. They were proven true by their successful flying machines and with the aviation world that exists today.

Kirk To Enterprise

I remember growing up watching the original Star TrekTV series in the early 70's and marveling at their communicators. They were so cool that I always wished they were real. And though I remember some people laughing at the concept of that little device they exist today as cell phones. In fact they've become even smaller in size than the first communicators of the original Star Trekshow.

Believing in a new concept is a leap of faith for some and much easier for others. And believing in something new can be impossible for yet others because it would mean rearranging their whole belief system. It changes their paradigm.

Think about the debate surrounding scientists wanting to change Pluto's status as a planet. I still prefer to consider it a planet because I grew up with that belief and am comfortable with that idea. Believing in something new shakes up paradigms, preferences and comfort zones.

Goodbye SkyDome

Here in Toronto a multipurpose stadium opened in 1989 known as the SkyDome. For some it will always be known as the SkyDome even though it has been renamed Rogers Centre. In time people will start calling it by it's new name. But it will take time. The same goes for the popular multiplex theatre formerly known as the Paramount theatres. I loved knowing it was called the Paramount and now everyone has to get used to it's new name, Scotiabank theatre. Again change takes time and we'll eventually get used to the change.

The Imagination

Now the ability to believe in anything is what children do naturally. It's a time when the imagination flourishes. This is why I believe the imagination is important to keep alive as an adult. Belief in the impossible can be a big step for someone who has lost that childhood ability to just play with ideas. The imagination temporarily disconnects the intellect and anything logical because one is not in an analytical state when playing. Unless, of course, you are doing your taxes and "playing with numbers"!

My own upbringing and life experiences had allowed me to be extra open to the ideas in The Secretmovie. Firstly, my current childlike imagination and creative abilities were nurtured from a young age by loving, supportive parents. Secondly, that support allowed me to excel at visualizing end results of what I wanted in my artwork and my music.

I could already see the artwork in my head before I drew it and hear my songs before I composed and recorded them. Visualizing what you want is an important key to initiating the law of attraction process. It helps you believe.

"In every block of marble I see a statue as plain as though it stood before me."

I love sharing this quote in my keynotes and workshops because it inspires others to see evidence of the power of believing and visualizing. Out of a 17 foot block of marble, Michelangelocould see the David sculpture within and chipped away until it was revealed to himself and the world. Everyone has seen this famous sculpture and yet understanding how it was created can open your thoughts up to other seemingly impossible ideas. The artist believed in something others couldn't see. To this day I am still amazed at Michelangelo'ssense of vision.

A Form of Training

In the end my upbringing was a form of training in my visualizing abilities. It became an important skill I was able to apply to other aspects of my life other than a successful business in illustration. I believe visualizing what you want is an important skill anyone can develop even if you don’t consider yourself an artist. It just means keeping your imagination active and a sense of play alive. And yes, if it sounds like regular exercise is needed it's because it is!

I will agree with some comments I've heard that The Secrethas simplified a complex process that can take awhile to develop. There are many factors to using the law of attraction that comes easier to me because I have integrated much of the belief systems over many years of trial and error. And witnessing the results of goals and dreams manifested by other people inspires me to keep believing. That's why I will continue to share my own success examples to motivate others.

So if you BELIEVE and are EXCITED about the law of attraction then follow your gut and start taking small steps to hone this new skill. And if you find there are people who do not believe or support you exploring this just believe you will find people who will.

Finding other believers will be the law of attraction in action. You made it happen. You will make it happen. You'll attract them because you believed.

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Emmanuel Lopez
© Emmanuel Lopez 2007


Anonymous said...

Believe it or not!It does work! Just as I was reading this post, I was listening to my favourite smooth jazz radio station and the DJ was looking for caller number 9 to win a new music CD.

I picked up the phone and began dialing. At the same time I focused my thoughts on getting through as the 9th caller and winning this CD. I like the artist allot and really wanted to win it.

I dialed and the line was constantly busy. I kept focusing on the thought of winning. Finally the line rang. The DJ picked up the phone. He says " Hi ,thanks for calling ,but I already have a winner." Then he says "Hold on for a minute". So he puts me on hold. A few seconds later he comes back on. He says " Well guess what." "The previous caller passed on this prize." "I don't know why she called and then passed on it." "Anyhow your the winner of the CD!"

As you can see it does work! If you passionately believe in something you can make it happen.

There was a saying I once heard that went "If you passionately believe in what does not exist, you create it." I think the law of attraction has much to do with this saying.

You can create in your life whatever you are passionate about.

Thanks Emmanuel for the great post!


Anonymous said...

Something about the The Secret, and the concept has bothered me since I saw it and today (March 18), I was watching the movie Pay it Forward, and I realized what it was...

I'm simplifying a bit here, but in essence, The Secret promotes this magical idea that all you have to do is visualize something you want, and it you really believe it can happen, it will happen.

The reason this idea doesnt sit all that well with me is because it skips over all the important stuff between visualizing what you want, and having it happen, and frankly, I think it is all the stuff in between that is most important. It's the stuff you do day to day that makes the difference, it's the thousands of little things (and some big) that you do that will get you from A to B.

On the other hand, Pay it Forward focuses on how the things you do can make a difference. If everyone does a little more than they normally do, that can change the world.

Let's say your goal is to make a lot of money. How can someone make a lot of money? My feeling is that it is only by bringing or giving people something of real value, that you will in turn be paid a lot of money. So, in my opinion, if that is your goal, you need to constantly focus on how you can create more and more value (whatever product or service you offer) and in the end the money will come.

I think that the reason The Secret has caught on and has become so popular, is because it appeals to a kind of social disease that people have...they want to become successful, but they have no idea how to get there, so what a great concept! All you have to do is visualize what you want and if you believe it it will come!

What ever happened to old fashioned values that you have to give in order to get? Pay if Forward focuses on the deeds.

Sadiq said...

welcome to blog discussion on the movie!

Sadiq said...

wow @ Louis

so miracle do happen!

Dean Lacono said...

Hi Emmanuel,

Just found your blog and I've enjoyed reading some of your TIPS. I too am a big chocolate fan. In fact I've been working though some Dove Dark today reading blogs.

Wishing you much more success.