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Tip#1107: Family & Nostalgic Memories, Part 4 - National Velvet

I just saw my favourite band of all time Electric Light Orchestra for the first time since their 1981 Time Tour! It’s been 37 years! It was an epic, epic evening and Jeff Lynne sounded so fantastic at 70 years old. They played so many of their hits like my favourites Livin Thing, Turn to Stone and the concert opener Standin' in the Rain. All were from the first album I ever got of ELO called Out of the Blue that my Dad bought for me as a gift! I remember loving the spaceship artwork on the cover.

With my feet tapping joyfully, the evening turned out to be very nostalgic as I had flashbacks of growing up with ELO music during middle school and high school. When I was the high school yearbook editor it was a joy having other ELO fans on the yearbook staff and played their music while we worked! This was also simpler times with no mobile phones or computers. Music was on vinyl and played on record players or cassette tapes.

Jeff Lynne's ELO, August 18, 2018, Scotiabank Arena

Banner art I did for ELO concert in 1981 while in high school for their Time Tour. I got it signed by Jeff Lynne and all members of the band but alas don't know what happened to the banner!

I also remembered my family growing up, my loving parents and siblings. I felt a bit of melancholy last night as I was missing that sense of family since I currently live alone. For weeks now I’ve realized my core clan/extended family of friends have been getting married and focusing on their own clan/family. I’ve seen less of them as the years go by and even though we stay in touch I believe this sense of loss is part of the triggers for my depression symptoms.

So it’s been my goal to find a new clan or perhaps cultivate one that I already have. It’s the physical in person interactions that my spirit and mental health needs. I’m excited about the possibilities as I start exploring groups and other opportunities in Toronto to share my passions for movies, delicious, nutritious food and personal growth!

It’s that sense of family I know is vitally important and was excited to have an unexpected family film come into my life to inspire me and fill me with warm nostalgia and hope!

National Velvet (1944)

The classic family film, National Velvet, is about Velvet Brown (Elizabeth Taylor) dreaming of owning a horse and makes her dream come true with the help of her family and former jockey Mi Taylor (Mickey Rooney) in rural Sussex. This heartwarming, entertaining film has some hilarious scenes and wonderful performances from the entire cast! See: movie trailer

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Inspiring Themes:
• Having a Vision
• Passion
• Perseverance
• Resilience
• Indestructible Optimism
• Leadership
• Teamwork
• Supportive Relationships
• Love of Family & Community

The warm, gorgeous scenery immediately grabbed me and took me to a wonderful, simple world for a few hours. I was pleasantly surprised at how much the film focused on the love of family, friends and community. It is brimming with life lessons still important in today's time. Velvet also exuded so much passion for her horse named Pie and I’d recommend her as an excellent cinematic role model for her creative visualization skills in manifesting her dreams into reality.

She reminded me of an exercise I recently did for finding my clan/family by remembering and visualizing examples of what I’m seeking and made a list. Some have been featured on this blog:

Vyoo Storytelling Event 
The Gift Circle Meetup group
The Mastery of Self-Expression group 
• STEAM group (a close group of friends that met once a month)
• High school yearbook staff

The power of nostalgia can ignite warm memories or other emotions for what we once had in the past. They can remind us that a sense of family is vital to keep alive in each of our lives. Let classic family films lift you up if nostalgia is making you feel alone or a little down. And if you have favourite band or singer put on their music today to get your feet tapping and soul dancing with hope and optimism!

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