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Tip#1089: The Power in Silence, Part 2 - A Quiet Place

One of the biggest keys to finding solutions to my life and career challenges has been to get to a quiet place in my mind. I needed to go inward where the answers were always waiting to be recognized.

Meditation has become a daily practice whether it’s at home or during walking meditations. This inner work practice is what helps energize my resilience and constantly rejuvenates my indestructible optimism!

Resilient People Website

I am so happy that my inner work over the years has inspired people through this movie blog and my motivational speaker presentations. I recently had the honour of having my story featured on a new website called Resilient People created by an old friend of mine Janet Petruck Fanacki. You can read my story as well as other inspirational people here: Resilient People

The Mastery of Self-Expression Reunion

Also I recently had a wonderful reunion dinner with fellow graduates and facilitators of The Mastery of Self-Expression workshop that I took in 2010 (see tip#538) just weeks after I lost my home and illustration business (see tip#400). The workshop helped save my life thanks to the gifted facilitators Tammy Cunningham and Larry Gilman. The workshop was originally created for actors who’d lost their passion and drive and some of the famous names that have taken it are Sigourney Weaver, Ted Danson and Marisa Tomei.

Larry made my day at this reunion because he said he’s been following my Movies that Motivate blog over the years and always thought this venture was unique and special and encouraged me to keep going. Writing this blog is always done in silence (no music, no TV, no distractions) to allow my inner voice to come through loud and clear!

Larry’s supportive comments meant a lot to me because he used to be a Hollywood actor (Cool Runnings, Final Destination) and  I love sharing how films are a huge passion and coping tool for my life’s challenges. Cinema always help me go inward to recognize and re-ignite my inner strengths. Here is the latest movie I discovered that actually demonstrates the benefits of silence.

A Quiet Place (2018)

The horror film, A Quiet Place, is about a family in 2020 forced to live in silence while hiding from creatures that hunt exclusively by sound. This gripping story was directed by John Krasinski who stars with real-life spouse Emily Blunt and with Millicent Simmonds as their deaf daughter Regan. See: movie trailer

This film is such a unique experience because of how little dialogue is in it. Also Millicent Simmonds is deaf in real life, not a trained actor and gives a great performance in her second starring film. She, along with each of the family members, will demonstrate how they've taught and trained each other to be resourceful, disciplined, resilient and optimistic without speaking.

The lack of speaking in the movie takes you to another kind of conscious awareness similar to learning how to meditate. It can be a little uncomfortable at first but, through perseverance, can lead to deeper experiences and personal insights. In the end the film shows you how being in a quiet place, despite frightening situations around you, can ultimately teach you how to find your inner strengths and potential.

If you want to try a new experience in receiving answers to life’s challenges try being silent. Spend time in a quiet place with no distractions, music or people around you. It takes perseverance to be comfortable with silence but the rewards will be abundant. Try it right now even for just 5 minutes. Close your eyes, breathe, and take yourself on a new journey inward!

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