Sunday, April 22, 2018

Tip#1090: Just Have Fun, Part 8 - Pacific Rim Uprising

The sun has been shining bright these past few days and I’ve been joyfully soaking up its warm, glorious rays! I’ve also been feeling much better (no symptoms of seasonal affective disorder or clinical depression) and feeling like a bear coming out of a long hibernation! It’s been a good week that was full of fun!

I started a new, unique project that combines my love of food, photography and social media as a hired social media consultant and content developer for Marcheleo’s Gourmet Marketplace. I’m working with them to raise awareness of their beautiful second store in Toronto (Don Mills and Wynford Dr.) where I get to taste samples of their delicious hot table and international kitchen. I then photograph these foods and post them on their Twitter, Instagram and Facebook channels. Click on these channels so you can follow my posts!

I also had so much fun at my friend Jamie’s wedding where we were all so grateful it happened on a perfect sunny Saturday instead of the ice storm weekend that hit just one week ago! It was warm and sunny! The reunion of friends, the ceremony and the reception was so enjoyable and uplifting. And each course of the dinner was absolutely outstanding and beautiful to look at. So I let my eyes eat up each course before savoring each delicious, tantalizing bite!

 Fantastic desserts at my friend's wedding dinner!

These two events were free of stress and anxiety and I’m so grateful for the energy of fun that was overflowing. It’s just like certain movies that allow you to escape reality for awhile and just enjoy the ride of the story, characters and visual sensations. Here’s one film that accomplished all the above!

Pacific Rim Uprising (2018)

The science fiction action film, Pacific Rim Uprising, is a sequel featuring Jake Pentecost (John Boyega) reluctantly recruited to lead a new generation of Jaeger pilots, including his rival Lambert (Scott Eastwood) and 15-year-old hacker Amara (Cailee Spaeny), against a new Kaiju threat. This highly entertaining movie explodes with giant robot fights and exciting moments with all the characters. See: movie trailer

This is one of those sequels that I enjoyed more than the first Pacific Rim film. It somehow grabbed my attention and I went for the ride right to the end! I loved the new, imaginative designs of the Jaegers (massive mechanized mobile fighters) as well as their names like Bracer Phoenix, Gipsy Avenger, Obsidian Fury and November Ajax.

I also enjoyed the inspirational themes of teamwork and the high spirits of indestructible optimism and resilience of the new generation of Jaeger pilots. I also loved how many visible minorities were featured in this film! And despite the need to let go of realistic logistics of the story, this is a comic book style film that I highly recommend seeing on a big screen!

Whether its enjoying delicious foods or escaping in an engaging movie, allow yourself to be in the moment and have fun! You’ll also re-energize and re-vitalize your spirit that will always help clear your head so you can return to life and work refreshed and ready to deal with anything you need to face. So today remember to just have a little fun!

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