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Tip#1087: Connecting with Your Inner Child, Part 8 – Finding Neverland – Peter Pan 2003

I’ve been thinking about my Dad and Mom a lot this week. On my Dad’s recent birthday he would have been 83 and I was reminded of how he, and my Mom, nurtured and fully supported all my creative forms of expression like art and drawing. I know their love and encouragement since childhood led to many artistic awards I won growing up and also the success of my illustration business of over 20 years, Crackers World Communications. See new website of my commercial and personal artworks:

Unfortunately, through my current research of inner child healing and reparenting therapy (see tip#1083) I’ve discovered possible consequences of my focus on art that led me to researching the pop-psychology concept Peter Pan syndrome. Doing my art has kept me in a perpetual childlike state and did not prepare me for the full responsibilities of being an adult e.g. marriage, owning a home, family of my own

I also feel these consequences of Peter Pan syndrome include my mental health challenges (clinical depression, anxiety and seasonal affective disorder). This is why I believe the healing research I am documenting on this blog and my Instagram channel is the greatest work I’ve ever done. This work could help so many other people feeling chronically stuck in their life and may realize the answers are buried in their childhood as well. Here are key articles and two movies I highly recommend you check out…

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The best Peter Pan film is the one you’ve forgotten about
Jordan Peterson explaining Peter Pan and how not to become him (video clip)

Finding Neverland (2004)

The historical fantasy drama, Finding Neverland, is about James M. Barrie's (Johnny Depp) friendship with widow Sylvia Llewelyn Davies (Kate Winslet) and her family who inspired him to create Peter Pan. This magical, heartwarming and emotional film features extraordinary performances from the entire cast especially young Freddie Highmore as Peter Llewelyn Davies. See: movie trailer

There are so many memorable moments I’ve always loved about this film that demonstrates how creative inspiration happens. One of those scenes is when James peppers the audience of the debut performance of Peter Pan with children of a nearby orphanage. They end up transforming the snooty attitudes of the adults surrounding them simply with their joy and innocence of life!

But when I saw this film in light of my inner child therapy I resonated deeply with a moment when James witnesses the moment the eldest son of the family became a man in spirit and takes charge of his family’s problems. These are the “aha” moments of cinema that always help inspire and motivate me move forward in life!

Peter Pan (2003)

The fantasy, adventure film, Peter Pan, was the first authorized and faithful film adaptation of J.M. Barrie's play Peter Pan. This visually stunning movie features memorable performances for Peter Pan (Jeremy Sumpter), Wendy Darling (Rachel Hurd-Wood), her mother Mrs. (Olivia Williams), father and Captain Hook ( both played by Jason Isaacs). See: movie trailer

I was immediately hooked (pardon the pun!) in seeing this film because of the article mentioned earlier “The best Peter Pan film is the one you’ve forgotten about”. The unique difference of this cinematic adaptation was the consequences of Peter Pan remaining a boy and refusing to become an adult/man. The uniqueness also extends to deeper insights of childhood vs adulthood through Wendy and even Captain Hook. 

I really felt my life alter with epiphanies I received from watching these two films. I may have an element of Peter Pan syndrome but at least I feel closer to rescuing my wounded inner child more than ever thanks to all the films, articles and resources I’ve discovered these past few months. I hope that this could benefit you or someone close to you in some meaningful way.

Our childhood could be filled with undiscovered treasures of insights and answers that could solve chronic problems plaguing our adult lives. We just need the courage and focus to dive into the depths of our past and be open to whatever our inner child has been aching to tell us. Have a dialogue with your inner child today or enjoy an uplifting movie together real soon!

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Tip#1087: Connecting with Your Inner Child, Part 8 – Finding Neverland – Peter Pan 2003

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