Sunday, March 25, 2018

Tip#1086: Believe in Magic, Part 4 - Being There

Ever since Valentine’s Day of 2018 a series of magical moments occurred. It started at a fun Valentine’s Day dinner a friend hosted where she did unique oracle style readings for everyone. She would ask each person to open any page of a book and whatever you read was your fortune.

I actually resonated with the host’s own oracle reading and trusted my gut that this insight was also for me on how to get business/money flowing. The message I received was…

“I’m now available to receive anyone who can benefit from my teachings and skills. Let all who need me find me. Let me help relieve suffering. The Divine is my complete Source for all prosperity and It will provide.” 

Since this special day this statement has been an affirmation and mantra. Four days later I got a fortune cookie that said "YOU WILL HAVE AN EXCITING BUSINESS ADVENTURE”. I was surprised at how specific this fortune was! The very next day I received an email inquiry for a motivational speaker job in an old restored Scottish castle & Luxury Inn in Port Dover! They even offered me to stay for a mini vacation and host a movie night!

The “business adventure” prediction didn’t end there because just a few days ago I was at a special foodie event and won the draw prize of a trip for two to Fort Lauderdale! I was surprised and thrilled and yet not really surprised by all these magical happenings. I think its because I’ve kept my child-like belief in magic into my adult life. And I believe childhood magic can make anything seem possible and wondrous!

Being There (1979)

The comedy, drama film, Being There, is about a simple, sheltered gardener named Chauncey Gardiner (Peter Seller) who becomes a surprisingly trusted advisor to powerful businessman Ben Rand (Melvyn Douglas) and to the US President (Jack Warden). He also becomes a close friend to Ben’s wife Eve Rand (Shirley MacLaine). This highly entertaining movie is filled with many memorable moments with humorous and touching performances. See: movie trailer

This film gets better and better everytime I see it! It really celebrates the magic of child-like magic and how it can transform the negativity of adulthood and even the pain of politics. Chauncey indirectly delivers many life lessons whenever he speaks and inspires with his indestructible optimism and ability to truly live in the moment. His child-like positivity is so contagious that the US President, the press and anyone that meets Chauncey is transformed in some wonderful, uplifted way.

Whenever you feel stuck in life or at work do your best to believe in magic and that solutions are possible and just around the corner. Believe that your happy inner child is alive and well and then you'll soon see life get filled with warm sunshine and hope again!

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Tip#1086: Believe in Magic, Part 4 - Being There

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