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Tip#1050: See Life as an Epic Adventure, Part 3 - Okja

I'm with my friends and hosts Stephanie Blok of HotDishPR and mixologist and chef Jeremy J. Parsons

Hot on the heels of the epic day I wrote about in the previous post (tip#1049) I had another amazing, full day that, once again, combined my passions for films, food and friends! Plus I’malso been grateful my mental health and wellness has been stable for the past few weeks. But I’ve noticed my wellness levels drop when I have too much alcohol, not enough water or electrolyte drinks and not enough live foods like fruits and vegetables. And it’s been a challenge because the libations have been overflowing!

Oh Canada Ultimate Feast – Lunch & Learn

I had a fantastic time at the Oh Canada Ultimate Feast Lunch & Learn promoting Canadian foods, spirits and beverages for Canada’s 150 birthday celebration. Hosted by my friends Stephanie Blok of HotDishPR and mixologist and chef Jeremy J. Parsons there was an abundance of exquisitely prepared foods of wild game meats, cheeses and seafood. My favourite was the surf n turf chock full of succulent lobster! “Lobster and bison and duck oh my!”

See more photos on my Instagram channel called The Film Food Friends Project 

I was also introduced to a pair of whisky coffee blends I'd never tasted before and thoroughly enjoyed! The first was Kavi Reserve’s delicious cold brewed, coffee blended Canadian Whisky. I got to meet it’s creator Jackie DeMarco and Director of Sales & Marketing and loved her enthusiasm and passion for her whisky! I also loved the absolutely delicious Wolfhead Craft Coffee Whisky Liqueur represented by my friends at Boldworks! Overall it was another memorable lunch and learn, especially when I get to see old friends and make new ones on this gorgeous, hot, sunny day!

Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone - Live in Concert

A few hours later I was at The Sony Centre excited to see the HARRY POTTER & THE PHILOSOPHER'S STONE movie screening with live orchestra & choir! The audience was packed with kids and adults and some were dressed as their favourite characters. They were also very interactive as they cheered loudly for each character’s first appearance onscreen and for each of the Houses at the Wogharts School! The live music of the legendary John Williams was also moving and magical because he is my all-time favourite film composer. I have to admit it was a shock to see all the actors so young like the leads Daniel Radcliffe, Emma Watson and Rupert Grint. This was such an epic evening and day!

150 Leading Canadians for Mental Health | CAMH Difference Makers

The epic day continued the next day when I saw I’d been nominated several times for the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health’s initiative “CAMH Difference Makers” which is a national movement to nominate and celebrate 150 Canadians making a difference in mental health. I felt so honored and emotional that my passion and work for sharing my journey with depression on this movie blog, social media and motivational speaking is being recognized. The top 150 people will be announced in December 2017 so I will keep you posted about my inclusion.

Exploring a Vegan Lifestyle

This all turned into an epic week because I made some revelations about my eating habits and lifestyle. I currently love meats, fish, poultry and eggs as much as vegetables, fruit and grains. So I was very surprised to I felt open to exploring a plant-based vegan diet and lifestyle. This happened when I felt compelled to watch Netflix’s new documentary What the Health (more on this film in an upcoming blog post). A few weeks earlier I also watched Fast Food Nation which was another huge eye-opener to shocking meat industry practices.

As you may have read on this blog or my Instagram channel called The Film Food Friends Project, I have been photographing and documenting my passion for food as well as my nutritional diet changes I’ve been researching to aid my clinical depression symptoms. So when a movie synchronistically gets released and calls to me to watch it I get deeply excited! Here’s the latest…

Okja (2017)

The South Korean-American action-adventure film, Okja, is about Mija (Ahn Seo-hyun), a young farm girl in South Korea who risks everything to prevent a powerful, multi-national company from taking her friend Okja, a massive pig-like animal. Along with the gorgeous green scenery of South Korea, his beautiful, unique movie features so many quirky, fun performances by Tilda Swinton, Jake Gyllenhaal, Paul Dano, Steven Yeun and Byun Hee-bong. See: movie trailer

Along with the action, humour and heartwarming moments between Mija and Okja there is a powerful message about the environment, meat industry and GMO (genetically modified organisms). This film gives you a glimpse into the world that could change the way you see the animals we eat. And if you want to enjoy the film for it’s inspirational themes there are great examples of passion, perseverance, resilience, courage, leadership, teamwork and indestructible optimism!

My life has been filled with many ups and downs and when I look back I can see that it has been a series of epic days both happy and sad. And movies have always been there to inspire me and open up my awareness about myself and the world around me. And when I ever need a boost of positive energy my passions for films, food and social events with friends always lift me up!

Let your passions lead you to having more epic days in your own life! Feel your feel-good feelings continuously flow when you are in joyful times and around people who love and support you. Positive emotional energy is what helps improve and manage your mental health and wellness. Let these epic feelings flow through you and out to others today!

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