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Tip#1052: Coping Tools & Methods for Mental Health, Part 1 – Baby Driver

This has been an epic week of celebrating my birthday with friends at the movies and at delicious dinners and lunches! It then led to an amazing walk on a hot sunshine filled Saturday that included a revitalizing Hatha yoga class and then treating myself to awesome deals on clothes and home items from Winners and Home Sense. I even got to meet Spider-Man hanging out in Chinatown at Dundas St. West and Spadina Ave.!

As mentioned in previous the tip#1051, the cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) term, pleasurable activities, are simple yet effective coping methods for depression and anxiety. Enjoying a delicious meal, movies, social interactions, celebrations, yoga, sunshine, shopping and even meeting a superhero can do wonders for lifting my spirit and feeling re-energized, focused and enthusiastic about life again!

I was also inspired by news that exploded on the internet about Madalyn Parker, a brave woman that sent an email to her workplace needing to take a mental health day from work was fully supported by her CEO, Ben Congleton of Olark. This story on Twitter went viral and launched active online dialogues to help reduce the negative stigma of depression and anxiety in the workplace. The story was quickly picked up on major news outlets like CNN, People Magazine and many more. Madalyn and Bob are my latest heroes for mental health!

CNN: When a woman took sick days for mental health, her email sparked a larger discussion
National Post: 'You are an example to us all' : The mental health email shared 'round the world
Forbes: How To Know When You Need A Mental Health Day

This story demonstrated and confirmed for me that my lived-experience and creative coping strategies for clinical depression could be invaluable for the workplace and begun to immediately design new social media promotional graphics for my motivational speaker services. I just knew organizations with mental health initiatives were looking to hire a speaker like me and I am excited to let them know I exist! And I am eager to share how Hollywood movies can be a powerful coping tool for mental health.

Baby Driver (2017)

The action comedy film, Baby Driver, about a young and talented getaway driver named Baby (Ansel Elgort) who uses music to cope with a hearing impairment called tinnitus. This highly entertaining, stylish film is filled with fantastic songs, humorous, witty dialogue, thrilling car chases (no CGI) and engaging performances by Elgort and from co-stars Lily James, Kevin Spacey, Jon Hamm, Jamie Foxx and Eiza González. See: movie trailer 

This was the first time I've heard about tinnitus (no pun intended!), which is the perception of noise or ringing in the ears. And although the movie hero suffers from this condition his coping strategy is to listen to favourite songs through earphones from his many iPods. The results are we get to have fun peeks into his world where music heightens his talents for driving and his ability to read lips.

Though there are some violent moments in the movie there is a joyful, musical sequence near the start of the film where Baby is getting coffee. That’s all I’m saying! I highly recommend you see this smart, imaginative movie that also features several inspiring life lessons.

Inspiring Themes:
• Courage
• Confidence
• Perseverance & Tenacity
• Resilience
• Strategic Thinking
• The Power of Love
• Indestructible Optimism

Despite having an epic week, I did have a day where I lapsed with depression symptoms. Once I realized I was slipping into darkness I quickly applied my coping strategies of increasing my electrolytes hydration, walked in sunshine and watched a favourite movie that stopped the ruminating of negative thoughts in my head and lifted me up to a happier place. In Baby Driver, the movie hero uses music to deal with his condition and I hope this inspires others to find creative coping tools and methods for whatever health or mental health issues they face.

Whether you are dealing with mental health challenges or other stressful problems in life or in the workplace always remember that you have coping tools and methods you can apply. Maybe it’s taking a mental health day off work to take care of yourself or perhaps music or movies are your go-to-resources for feeling more positive. And while you are feeling well make a list of your favourite pleasurable activities. This list could be invaluable to you on the unexpected days your warm, bright sunshine is covered by clouds.

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Remember How Movies Can Help You:
A) Entertain & Escape
B) Re-energize & Release
C) Inspiration & Motivation

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