Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Tip#967: Focus & Persevere, Part 2 – The Martian, Extended Edition

I recently did one of my regular long distance walks for exercise and for mental health, this time it was 10 km (6.2 miles) that took three hours. These lengths can become meditative and I was able to think about the positives in my life like the fantastic experience I had being the keynote speaker for CAWEE, Canadian Association of Women Executives & Entrepreneurs. I thought about the wonderful women I met who resonated with my talk and were with organizations that could benefit from my movie and wellness experience (more details of the event in an upcoming blog).

The day I did this long walk was a very hot Saturday and my Weather Network app was showing a heat alert warning. The heat made the final ½ hour a challenge as I was feeling exhausted and legs were aching. But I started to think about movie characters from The Way Back or Lawrence of Arabia who had to walk long distances and that gave me the mental tonic to focus and persevere. I also just saw the extended edition of The Martian the night before and that also motivated me to complete my walk successfully!

My recent 10 km walk was made easier with these amazing sandals by B.U.M. Equipment! They helped get me through so hot day!

The Martian (2015) Extended Edition

The science fiction film, The Martian, is about astronaut Mark Watney (Matt Damon) being left for dead by his crew on the planet Mars and how he survives alone. This visually stunning and engaging story of survival is inspiring in many ways especially since much of the science is real was consulted by NASA. See: movie trailer

Watney is an excellent example for demonstrating indestructible optimism with a sense of humour and a resourceful mindset. With his positive attitude he is able to find a way to communicate with earth, make water and grow food like potatoes. He also perseveres knowing he has target dates and a location for his rescue. The extended edition shows an extra 10 minutes of interesting footage like showing Watney completing the tasks of his fellow astronauts and how he lived while traveling across Mars.

Inspiring Themes:
• Having a Vision/Goal
• Perseverance
Indestructible Optimism
• Strategic Thinking/Creative Thinking
• Problem Solving
• Resourcefulness
• Leadership
• Supportive Relationships/Teamwork

I highly recommend this film as an empowering resilience resource as it shows how inner strength can be utilized when faced with seemingly impossible odds. For me the film is also a mental tonic for dealing with long distance tasks and goals. I did what I had to do for completing my 10 km walk which meant resting when I needed to, hydrating, and most of all, enjoying the journey as best as I could!

Be motivated by your favourite movie heroes when you are facing exhaustion in your long-term tasks and goals. Let them re-energize your drive and focus to persevere. Be inspired to be resourceful and tap into your knowledge and skills to move forward. And remember to visualize your end destination. Imagine yourself smiling and achieving your goal!

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