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Tip#961: How Movie Posters Motivate, Part 2 – Creative Visualization – The Artist

I love my new movie poster for The Artist! For over a year I've been looking for a poster I could use as a creative visualization tool for the joyful life and work I’ve been imagining. And The Artist film is truly joyful! It is overflowing with inspiring themes for passion, perseverance, resilience, teamwork, friendship, unconditional love, romantic love, adaptability and indestructible optimism. It is also an uplifting example for transforming depression, overcoming career failures and facing unexpected crisis and change with courage and confidence.

It also shows the type of woman I'd love to share my life with who is filled with sparkle, playful spirit, intelligence and warmhearted love! In addition, this movie won a multitude of awards including best picture at the Golden Globes and the Oscars. So for me this poster radiates a bright light of inspirational and motivational success energy to fuel my vision of the positive future I want to manifest in my life, career and relationships!

Creative visualization is an important theme in all my motivational talks and it starts with having a vision that excites you. For this poster I went to my number one resource, online, and spent many enjoyable hours checking out their collection of over 80,000 titles. I’d look for movie images that excited me and triggered my positive emotional energy. When I found The Artist poster I was thrilled because it was uniquely different from the theatrical version with its red banner and welcoming smiles and gestures of the two lead actors!

Since was in the same city I lived in I always enjoy going there personally even though you can order posters to be delivered to your doorstep. I reconnected with David Wallach and Daniel Levinas whom I met the last time I got posters and enjoyed the colourful energy of their warehouse where the walls are covered with an array of movie poster glory! It's a movie lover’s dream!

The Artist (2011)

The romantic comedy-drama film, The Artist, takes place in 1920’s Hollywood where silent screen idol, George Valentin (Jean Dujardin) is faced with the changing times of the sound era. He meets rising star Peppy Miller and together demonstrated the highs and lows of dealing with success and how to transform adversities to success. This is a magical, uplifting film despite it being silent and subtitled. See: movie trailer

This film gets better and better every time I see it! It can get your positive emotional energy flowing with so many memorable, whimsical scenes. Movie posters can evoke these feelings every time you glance at it which is why I am thrilled to have The Artist poster hanging where I see it everyday.

Creative visualization is a powerful method for helping reprogram your mindset for success which Olympic gold medalists like Michael Phelps utilize regularly. Simple tools like colourful post-it notes with positive quotes, goals or affirmations are also useful as are positive photographs and artwork that can fuel your imagination and visualization.

Movie posters can take it a step further because when you find one that re-ignites your positive feeling of a movie you love it can help you maintain the feel-good energy as if you already achieved what you want or desire. I highly recommend you identify your empowering films and find movie posters to direct you to your own dreams and goals! And then check out a resource like for the poster that could help you feel good every day!

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