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Tip#962: Increase Your Positive Emotional Energy, Part 3 - The Present

I love food equally as much as I love movies! That’s why I get a thrill photographing meals that excite my senses and post them on my Film Food Friends Project on Instagram. It’s also where I document my wellness program and current gut health diet. I enjoy sharing wonderful new foods I am eating like beef bone broth and green smoothies as well as the comfort foods I grew up with. It’s really about sharing the positive emotional energy I get from delicious food and uplifting movie experiences!

And when it comes to creative food combinations it is always an unexpected delight when certain ingredients come together producing a joyful, unique taste sensation! For example a hot waffle combined with frozen vanilla ice cream always sends my taste buds soaring. At first it was a strange concept but in the end it was such a tantalizing gift for my senses.

I recently attended a Weetabix Lunch & Learn hosted by Stephanie Blok of Hot Dish PR and where presenter and Nutritionist, Theresa Albert gave a fun, educational talk on fiber health tips. We were then treated to a fantastic gourmet lunch prepared by Jeremy J. Parsons who created four delicious dishes using Weetabix products. The tastes were absolutely unique and exquisite!

1) Alpen Dark Chocolate Rasberry Bombs (using Alpen Dark Chocolate Whole Grain Swiss Style Muesli Cereal)
2) Weetabix Chicken Fingers (using Weetabix Whole Grain Cereal)
3) Weetabix Mac & Cheese (using Weetabix Whole Grain Cereal)
4) Crunchy Spring Salad (using GrainShop, 5 Whole Grains High Fiber Cereal)

These dishes reminded me of a wonderful experience of recently had watching a special animated short film!

The Present (2014)

The animated short, The Present, was created and directed by German animator Jacob Frey, alongside with Markus Kranzler. This short is only four minutes and yet it I highly recommend you see it first before reading any further. Let me just say that I was drawn to seeing it when I saw this headline on “The Present: Heartwarming Short Lands Animators Jobs at Disney & Pixar”

Watch it now: The Present

Please don’t read any further before you have seen the video! Spoilers ahead!

Okay, did you watch it?

What did you feel at the end?

Did you feel emotional?

Did the unexpected ending move you?

Did it touch your heart?

If it did then that was your positive emotional energy being activated. It’s the energy that makes you feel good and can lead increasing your wellness and your indestructible optimism!

I rarely feature short films on this movie blog and yet this fantastic little film packs as much of an emotional wallop as a feature film. You could probably see why Disney Pixar hired these talented young filmmakers because their animated movies are hallmarks for beautiful, heartfelt moments. I had previously featured the Pixar short “Boundin’” because of its playful, uplifting message on being resilient. See: Tip#134

So whether you love food, movies, pets or another activity you are passionate about, be aware of the positive emotional energy that gets triggered within you. The things you love and love to do can re-energize your spirit and attitude during challenges at work and in life. They are the fuel to keep you enthusiastic, joyful and confident. This is the gift you can give yourself every day! And doesn’t everyone enjoy a little present?

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