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Tip#890: Creative Visualization, Part 2 - Mental Health - Pawn Sacrifice

I am so grateful there are many biographical films that inspire me to persevere with my life and work as I heal from clinical depression. Movies such as A Beautiful Mind (mathematician John Nash), The Theory of Everything (future physicist Stephan Hawking) and Temple Grandin (autism activist Temple Grandin) are just a few fantastic examples that encourage me over and over again to stay strong no matter what! They all dealt with mental health challenges.

One of the key factors in these three films is each individual excelled in using their creative visualization skills. They were able to actually see in their mind the problems they needed to solve. And through wonderful special effects these films allow us to see what they see. I recently discovered another powerful film that demonstrates creative visualization on an epic scale!

Pawn Sacrifice (2014)

The biographical thriller film, Pawn Sacrifice, is based on the true story of American chess legend and prodigy, Bobby Fischer (Toby Maguire) growing up as a child and then competing in the 1972 World Chess Championship with Soviet Grandmaster Boris Spassky (Live Schreiber). This highly entertaining film has great performances by the cast that includes Peter Sarsgaard as Father Bill Lombardy. See: movie trailer

Seeing Fischer’s creative visualization abilities is astounding especially when he was just a young boy. You see that he continually practiced chess moves in his head day and night. He also had a dream and vision of being the world chess champion which he made come true. However the other part of the film’s story is Fischer’s mental health and how paranoia and anxiety was destroying his relationships and his responsibilities at tournaments.

Inspiring themes:
• Having a Dream
• Creative Visualization
• Strategic Thinking
• Perseverance
• Resilience
• Mental Health
• Supportive Relationships

Biographical films can be highly inspiring when you are dealing with challenges at work, in life or your mental health. These films based on real people can encourage you to visualize a more positive future and help you stay strong when life seems hopeless. The heroes in these movies may not be alive today but their stories of strength, resilience and successes will always be here to mirror your own potentials!

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