Sunday, September 06, 2015

Tip#883: See Life As An Adventure, Part 7 - The Last Legion

It’s quiet here in Toronto during Labour Day weekend. There wasn’t a lot of people downtown as I went on a sunny adventure through Chinatown and Koreatown researching probiotic rich foods for my new Brain Maker diet (see tip#880). And while I currently have friends on an exciting trip to Vietnam and another bravely doing the Camino walk in Spain I am seeing life as an adventure here in my own neck of the woods!

The Last Legion (2007)

The fantasy film, The Last Legion, is about the origins of King Arthur’s sword in connection with young Romulus Augustulus (Thomas Sangster) and the collapse of the Western Roman Empire. This very intriguing story features many gorgeous locations and stars Colin Firth, Ben Kingsley and the stunningly beautiful Bollywood actress Aishwarya Rai. See: movie trailer 

This film reminded me of fun 60’s fantasy films like Jason and the Argonauts that took me to another world for awhile with both amazing visual effects and some that looked a bit cheesy! And though this film was considered a failure amongst critics and the public I still loved how they presented this idea of how the magical sword Excalibar came to be. The film was a fun ride during my “staycation” in town this Labour Day weekend!

If you find yourself stuck at home and not able to go on traditional vacations then I highly recommend exploring your own neighborhood or city. Enjoy a long walk down streets you’ve never been down before. Or revisit favourite places you went to when you were younger. See all these simple options as an exciting adventure you can take anytime!

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Tip#883: See Life As An Adventure, Part 7 - The Last Legion


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