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Tip#888: Trust Your Gut, Part 2 - The Big Picture

Staying on top of a new, nutritional diet can be a challenge when you are surrounded by delicious, rich foods and alcohol overflowing at the parties I attended at the recent Toronto International Film Festival (see tip#886)! As written in tip#880 about the Brain Maker book, my higher probiotic diet and supplements have significantly reduced my depression symptoms.

On the other hand I still indulged in foods I wasn’t suppose to eat because of the Film Festival and just had to trust my gut about how much to eat and drink. The ironic word being "gut". After all there are so many diet books and experts out there telling you what to eat and not eat that you really have to trust in your own intuition about what is best for you!

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It’s also about having a vision about your end goal. That vision is your target and destination. And like any destination you just need to make your own decision of how to get there.

The Big Picture (1989)

The comedy film, The Big Picture, is about recent award-winning film school graduate Nick Chapman (Kevin Bacon) who learns the highs and lows of working on his first Hollywood movie. This hilarious satire of people in the film industry is brimming with great performances and cameos by stars like Martin Short, Jennifer Jason Leigh, Michael McKean, Teri Hatcher, John Cleese and more. See: movie trailer 

There are many life lessons to learn from this charming film such as maintain integrity with friends and co-workers. The biggest lesson is seeing Chapman’s vision of his movie get slowly wittled down and destroyed by each new idea studio executives say they want to see happen. Witnessing Chapman slowly sell out is both funny and sad as he begins to lose himself and the people he cares about the most. In the end this is an inspiring story of redemption and how losing everything helps someone find his soul and path again.

 Inspiring themes:
• Passion
• Perseverance
• Resilience
• Confidence & Courage
• Teamwork
• Have a vision
• Trust your gut

Movie heroes can inspire you to trust your gut when making decisions in your workplace and life. They can remind you that when people bombard you with their own thoughts and opinions that, in the end, you must make a responsible decision. Trust your gut and ultimately, you'll be listening to your heart!

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Anonymous said...

"Trust your gut and ultimately, you'll be listening to your heart."

Right on Man!


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Anonymous said...

Every movie suggestion that Emmanuel Lopez-Motivatorman has ever suggested to me has been phenomenal. I love his blog forever.

Tammy C.