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Tip#887: Decluttering Will Free Your Mind, Part 2 - TINY: A Story About Living Small

If you’ve been reading this blog over the years then you know my life in the past 15 years has been a series of mental, physical and spiritual clearing. Five years ago I lost my home and most of my belongings (see tip#400) and although that may sound devastating I remember my gut was telling me at the time that it was time I needed a radical stripping down/transformation of my life.

I now live very simply with only the essentials of living in a small semi-basement apartment. Over the past five years I moved six times and each time stripped down even more of non-essentials. And with my recent computer crash (see tip#870). I’m now even more portable working with my new used Macbook Pro laptop! I’ve learned to embrace this profound simplifying of my life and, with my recent mental health improvements (see tip#880), I’ve been building a new solid foundation of living small while still thinking big!

TINY: A Story About Living Small (2013)

The documentary, TINY: A Story About Living Small, is about Daryl Gibson’s dream and vision of building a house small enough to fit on top of a car trailer. With the help of his girlfriend Merete Mueller they learn to construct a house within a year from scratch with no construction experience. With the gorgeous scenery of Colorado mountains, this fascinating film also looks at other examples of tiny homes across America and the simplified lifestyles these people have embraced. See: movie trailer

It was inspiring to see Daryl persevere and follow his dream and to see teamwork through the loving support of his girlfriend. And I loved hearing the stories of other tiny homeowners that have redefined their priorities in a time of changing financial and environmental climates.

Inspiring themes:
• Passion
• Perseverance
• Resilience
• Confidence & Courage
• Having a Vision
• Teamwork

If you’ve been overwhelmed with clutter in your home or your life then it may be time to redefine your lifestyle. It may be time to strip away the inessentials of your house. It’s been said that your external life is a reflection of your inner life. So by clear your clutter and you will free your mind!

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