Sunday, April 26, 2015

Tip#847: Emotional Cinematic Moments, Part 3 - The Age of Adaline

Whether you feel a positive or emotional cinematic moment is good. Getting triggered by something in a movie can be a mirror for learning more about yourself. I recently saw a sneak preview of The Age of Adeline where I was emotionally touched by the story and performances and yet also triggered with some anger over a voice-over narrative (same that’s in the movie trailer).

Even over a week later this distracting narrator was still being discussed with a friend who also agreed that it wasn’t necessary. We both felt this “movie trailer style voice” kept us from fully enjoying the magical elements of the movie. To my surprise I discovered that others preferred the voice-over like the interviewer and director of the film in a clip online (see interview).

Either way what I learned was most important was that I allowed to feel that anger and express it in a constructive way. I didn’t keep the emotion bottled up which is a theme currently in my life I’ve been exploring (see: tip#839). Trapped emotions can eventually lead to painful experiences both physically and mentally. Synchronistically this is also the key theme for the heroine in the film.

The Age of Adaline (2015)

The romantic fantasy film, The Age of Adaline, is about Adaline Bowman (Blake Lively) who, in the 1930’s, miraculously remains a youthful 29 years old. The story flashbacks over the years revealing her pains and joys of her condition as well as fascinating and heartful relationships with her daughter (Ellen Burstyn) an old love (Harrison Ford) and a new love (Michiel Huisman). See: movie trailer

Many thought provoking ideas of immortality come up such as how to explain never aging to others and what to do when you fall in love with someone you will outlive. The theme of trapped emotions is demonstrated in that Adaline has kept herself from falling in love because she cannot grow old with another man.

On the other hand an old lover (Harrison Ford) expresses a myriad of emotions when he suddenly sees Adaline again decades later. In a really powerful scene his emotions create a memorable, tense moment (especially for his wife!) and yet shows that it was more important to feel and express his emotions.

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Blake Lively is mesmerizing and luminous as Adaline especially in her thoughtful performance as someone who has accumulated so much worldly knowledge and keen understanding of human behaviour. She also has a stunning, intriguing wardrobe style throughout the film. Harrison, and the actor who plays his youthful self, also gives excellent performances. So next time I see this movie I will focus on these positive emotional moments instead of the narrator and see what happens!

If you see this film please let me know what you think of the narrator voice-over. And if you have a favourite emotional moment either positive or negative please let me know too. Each person will always have a different reaction to a film so remember that it’s all good for learning about yourself!

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Candice Frederick said...

will definitely let you know what i think. honestly, the trailer did nothing for me.

Anonymous said...

Wow.I think people get entertained with this great website.
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