Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Tip#846: Movie For A Rainy Day, Part 2 - Mr. Destiny

Recently it was pouring rain all day and I was definitely feeling the blues. I felt that certain goals weren't happening faster for me in life and work and I was frustrated. I was wishing life were different in so many ways. It was the perfect time to watch an inspiring movie and yet I couldn’t find any titles I resonated with in my collection or online.

This is when I put out a little prayer to the universe to guide me to the perfect film that had the perfect message for me at that moment. And as I listened to the gentle rain falling outside my windows I was led online to a comedy fantasy from the 90’s that I had never seen before. It was the movie prescription I’d been looking for!

Mr. Destiny (1990)

The romantic comedy fantasy, Mr. Destiny, is about business man Larry Burrows (James Belushi) who magically sees what life would be like if he had won an important baseball game as a teenager. This variation of It’s a Wonderful Life was a fun romp into an alternate universe with a cast that included Linda Hamilton, Michael Caine, Jon Lovitz, Courteney Cox and Rene Russo. See: movie trailer

In his alternate life Larry discovers he is extremely wealthy and a key executive at his firm. And although he was surprisingly married to his teenage crush (Renee Russo) he slowly realizes how much he still loved the woman he actually married (Linda Hamilton). The lesson he learned is what was told to him earlier by a magical bartender played by Michael Caine…

“This is your life Larry, learn to enjoy what you’ve got.” 

As corny as this sounded it touched me and brought a little sunshine into my thoughts. The universe heard my prayer and it helped me focus on enjoying what I had at that very moment. I had a warm, cozy home, good people in my life and right next to me I had a bowl of crispy Cadbury milk chocolate mini eggs that tasted really damn good!

If you find yourself having the rainy day blues put out a little prayer to be guided to the perfect movie to lift your spirits! You may be led to a favourite film or to a new one you’d normally not choose. Trust your gut or intuition and you’ll be in for a pleasant surprise!

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for the tip re MR DESTINY. It is great to discover that we have all that we need! It is also good to reach for the stars and remember how blessed we are at all times!