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Tip#841: God in Movies, Part 2 – The Ten Commandments

“If this god is God, he would live on every mountain, in every valley. He would not be only the god of Ishmael or Israel alone, but of all men. It is said he created all men in his image. He would dwell in every heart, in every mind, in every soul.” 
The Ten Commandments (1956)

On Good Friday I wasn’t feeling well and felt guided to view a gorgeous Blu-ray of The Ten Commandments starring Charlton Heston. It was amazing to see such crisp colours and details in the costumes and settings despite having seen the film countless times at Easter. The powerful music, soulful messages and nostalgic memories of watching this growing up with family lifted my spirits back up.

The Ten Commandments (1956)

The religious epic film, The Ten Commandments, is the biblical story of the life of Moses (Charlton Heston) and his mission to free the slaves of Israel. His life as a Prince of Egypt, Hebrew slave, shepherd in Midian and messenger of God takes you on a fantastic journey filled with spectacle, stirring music, compelling characters, beautiful costumes and scenery.
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Movie Trivia from IMDB:
• Charlton Heston personally requested to Cecil B. DeMille to let him be the voice of God, at the scene of the Burning Bush, and DeMille agreed
• Charlton Heston's newborn son Fraser Clarke Heston appeared as the infant Moses

Like all favourite movies that I see at different times of my life I always get a different life lesson that speaks deeply to me. This time I noticed the excellent leadership skills Moses had in every aspect of his life especially as a Prince of Egypt and a prophet. I could also identify with his surrendering of his life to a higher power and his higher purpose. And once God spoke to Moses I was inspired by how he maintained unwavering focus on the mission and goal assigned to him.

Though I am not a religious man I am very spiritual and have made God a partner on my journey. I also thank him every single day for what I have in my life. And I am maintaining my own focus, indestructible optimism, resilience and faith that the adversities I face in life, my health and work all have a higher purpose. Seeing Moses again as another cinematic role model has empowered me to keep moving forward no matter what.

I wish you the same richness for inner strength and spirit on this Easter weekend! Identify and recognize your own cinematic role models that will empower you during dark times and lead you back into the light! Happy Easter!

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Tip#841: God in Movies, Part 2 – The Ten Commandments

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