Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Tip#714: Praying, Faith & Indestructible Optimism, Part 2 - It’s a Wonderful Life, Colorized

I am so happy to be back with family in Las Vegas for Christmas vacation! One moment I was in the chilly snowstorms of Toronto the next I’m in the sunny warmth of Vegas! And I almost didn’t make my early morning flight because of a new, heavy snowfall and hundreds of people jammed at check-in line-ups at Air Canada. Despite getting to the airport 2.5 hours in advance the line-ups were tremendous and many people were highly upset and missing their flights. It really looked hopeless.

When I realized I could miss my plane just I prayed. I prayed to God for help. I prayed for a miracle. And though time was running out and people around me were complaining, my indestructible optimism kicked in. With the help of a stranger in line we ended up getting through check-in via an Air Canada attendant at another booth we were led to (both angels I believed!). Next, I expected a massive line at customs. The miracle was entering the customs room and seeing no line up except for a few people! It was amazing! I made my flight with 9 minutes to spare! Thank God. And I really mean… Thank God!

It’s a Wonderful Life (1947) Colorized (2007)

The fantasy comedy drama film, It’s a Wonderful Life, is about a discouraged man who contemplates suicide at Christmas after a lifetime of disappointments and setbacks. The film opens with people's prayers to God asking to help George Bailey (James Stewart). Later, at his lowest, George admits he is not a praying man and asks God for help. Heaven hears all the prayers and sends a guardian angel.

“Dear Father in heaven, I'm not a praying man, but if you're up there and you can hear me show me the way... show me the way.”

I recently saw the colorized version of this classic film and was stunned at seeing one of my favourite films as if for the first time. The quality was absolutely fantastic and I loved this new sensory experience! Purists may not agree but I highly recommend you give it a try, especially the 2007 colorized version using the latest conversion technology.

I had watched the black & white version many times as a child and youth remembering those scenes of praying. Yet it wasn’t until I experienced my own difficult and seemingly hopeless times as an adult that I experienced the true power of prayer and faith. I always got through every challenge I faced and ultimately it helped build my indestructible optimism.

How about you? Do you believe in the power of prayer? Do you believe in miracles?

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Anonymous said...

I'm sure the people who missed their flights aren't thanking god. You must be a chosen one. People all over the world are suffering, but instead of ending the suffering, god just sped up your check-in. First world problems.

Every couple of months, you write a laughable post. This is one of them. Congratulations!

Anonymous said...

Hi Motivator Man!

Don't listen to stupid comments like one above. I've enjoyed your posts over the years and get inspired by your personal stories. There are just sad people out there who just want to put other people down. But look at that stupid comment! They are actually a fan because they keep reading your blog!!!