Sunday, December 01, 2013

Tip#709: What Will Your Legacy Be? Part 2 – David Bowie Exhibit – Paul Walker – Good Ol’ Frida

I just became a huge fan of David Bowie when I attended the incredible David Bowie Exhibit here in Toronto. I was just blown away of how creative, multi-talented and groundbreaking this performer was during the 60’s and all the following decades since. I loved seeing the myriad of costumes I’d only seen in his music videos, movies or stage performances. And I loved seeing the crowd filled with children and adults. Bowie had created a legacy that inspires all ages.

As I write this the news just reported that actor Paul Walker was tragically killed in a fiery car crash. I wasn’t a huge fan and yet I was so shocked and saddened. The irony is that Walker became well known for performing actions scenes featuring cars in the Fast and Furious film series. Even though he has done other movies Walker’s character in this series is how I’ll remember him.

Good Ol’ Freda (2013)

The documentary, Good Ol’ Freda, is about Freda Kelly who tells her story about her exciting job of being the secretary for The Beatles. She was a shy Liverpudian teenager that became an important part of the super group’s advances and setbacks, breakthroughs and challenges. The film is also a nostalgic look at The Beatles from an insider’s perspective who was also a friend and fan of four men that left a massive musical legacy. See: movie trailer

What I found interesting was that Freda for many years passed on book deals and was finally motivated to tell her story because of her grandson’s birth. Freda wanted him to eventually see she had amazing accomplishments in her youth. Freda wanted this documentary to be her legacy for her grandson. This film inspired me to remember the importance of legacy and how any of our stories can then inspire current and future generations! What will your legacy be?

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Anonymous said...

Bowie Exhibit - I liked it very much too! Went twice and gathered more from it the second time. Comforting and thought provoking I found it.