Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Tip#716: Heartwarming TV Christmas Movies, Part 1

I am writing this early on Christmas morning and it is still dark outside. I am also still on vacation in the warm and soothing weather of Santa Barbara. One evening I watched several TV Christmas movies on the Lifetime Channel with one of my aunts and it was so fun and heartwarming. I loved their tagline “It’s a Wonderful Lifetime”.

I also saw a few movies on the Hallmark Channel I wanted to recommend. These are movies you may enjoy watching this year or next holiday season.

All About Christmas Eve (2012): see trailer
Crazy for Christmas (2005): see trailer
Christmas in the City (2013): see trailer
Christmas on the Bayou (2013): see trailer
The Twelve Trees of Christmas (2013): see trailer
Finding Christmas (2013): see trailer
Christmas Magic (2011): see trailer

I normally write about theatrical movies but since this is Christmas Day I wanted to do something different and share some holiday tips on made-for-TV movies I found heartwarming and uplifting. All of the stories featured people facing a difficult time and how miracles happened to help them through their challenges. Some of the endings are a little too convenient or cheesy but they still filled me with that special Christmas feeling that I hope warms your spirit as well.

The sun is now rising as I look out the window at the golden mountains and clear blue skies of Santa Barbara so I will keep this post short. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to you and your loved ones wherever you are today around the world!

Special Note:
For friends and family and everyone else still affected by the power outage back home in Toronto I am wishing you all a safe and happy Christmas.

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