Sunday, December 08, 2013

Tip#711: Believe in Earth Angels, Part 3 – Holiday Affair

It’s been an eventful first week of December. I gave a keynote talk on movies inspiring team spirit and later helped organize a Christmas movie night screening. In between I helped out a fellow speaker at her seminar where a Reverend opened up the event with a moment of silence for the passing of Nelson Mandela. That’s how I first heard the news and it reminded me of the passion and perseverance Mandela embodied for surviving 27 years in a prison. He also demonstrated incredible compassion and forgiveness to his former oppressors.

There was also news of the late actor Paul Walker who secretly bought a $9,000.00 engagement ring for a military couple who couldn’t afford it. They were strangers to Walker and yet he demonstrated that miracles do happen for people and that others can act as angels for those in need. Synchronistically I heard from a good friend of mine who helped someone in need that just arrived in the country by giving him all the cash he had in his pocket. It’s stories like these that remind me that earth angels are always around us.

Holiday Affair (1949)

The romantic comedy film, Holiday Affair, is a Christmas season story of a young widow, Connie (Janet Leigh) and a sales clerk, Steve (Robert Mitchum) who becomes unemployed and creates wild changes in her life and relationship with fiance Carl (Wendell Corey). Despite these events Steve learns that Connie’s son Timmy (Gordon Gebert) really wants a train set for Christmas and buys it for him anonymously with all the money he had. In turn, Timmy demonstrates compassion beyond his years to pay Steve back knowing he is broke. This funny film had some wonderful performances by the leads as well as a charming one by Gebert as Timmy.

“Now I guess I’m so happy if I was a dog my tail would be wagging.”

Some Christmas classics like this one may seem dated with current times and yet it is the heartfelt messages of compassion and giving that help them endure as seasonal favourites. Hopefully films like this and all your own favourites remind you to believe in earth angels and also to be an angel for someone in need this holiday season!

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