Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Tip#441: When Do You Experience Clarity? - Limitless

Recently I've been having amazing days of blissful clarity. I've felt so focused and confident in how to rebuild my life and career a year now after my life crashed (see tip#400). Each morning I wake up excited to whatever the day brings as warm rays of sunshine stream through my windows. And I don't even need my favourite vanilla bean latte to activate this positive emotional energy I feel!

Limitless 2011

The movie Limitless is about a struggling writer Eddie Morra (Bradley Cooper) who discovers a top-secret drug allowing him to access his entire brain power on quantum levels. Morra is able to think at lightening speeds and has heightened his visual senses to superhuman levels.

Morra is able to finish writing his book in days, charm everyone he meets and make vast amounts of money fast on Wall Street just by studying patterns of human behavior, facts and figures. The drug allows him to access all the imagery and information he has collected over his life and organize them for instantaneous usage.

The visual effects of the movie are stunning and reminded me of another amazing film Temple Grandin (see tip#408). Though Limitless also explores the consequences of drug enhanced powers I was excited more by the concept of achieving these heightened states of clarity in natural, safe ways.

It's imaginative movies like this one that remind me my own days of blissful clarity are the result of keeping an open mind to fantastic possibilities and opportunities. I've learned to declutter my life externally AND internally and transform my debilitating mindsets. And now I feel I'm in the flow of life again!

When do you experience clarity?

Some people discover great ideas when they take a shower, some while they are jogging or just gazing at a beautiful sunset. When do you experience moments of clarity? Please share your thoughts in the comment section below OR click on the blog title above and scroll to bottom.

"Everything is possible. When you open your mind."
Limitless movie poster

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Anonymous said...

Bikram Hot Yoga! Each pose is one simple challenge forcing you to clear your mind & focus. You HAVE to slow down due to the heat. I find the near exhaustion a 90 min class brings is far more mental than physical for me. I can't do all the poses correctly but I'm always surprised at what I can do!

S. D. Vokey

Shawne Duperon said...

Fab post.. moments of clarity come when I play! Being playful profoundly opens my heart and has all kinds of info/inspiration seep in. :>0

Paul Kyriazi - James Bond Lifestyle said...

Yes, I agree with you. The movie exited me to be 'limitless' and it is actually possible to finish a 300 page book in 4 days. Work 18 hours, sleep 8, Just 4 pages an hour. If you know your story and where it is going, you can complete 300 pages in that time. Notice I said 'sleep'. Good review of the movie., Motivatorman.

Emmanuel Lopez - Motivatorman said...

Thanks S.D., Shawne and Paul for all your comments! Limitless has just been released as an unrated DVD which means there are extra scenes!


swarlock said...

For me they usually come when everything is quiet. I contemplate on an idea that I can use on my radio shows and writing when I'm by myself in my room and no one bothers me.