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Tip#437: Movies with Great Lessons For Children - Nanny McPhee

I have a friend who has a beautiful 6 year old son I've been lucky enough to watch grow up. The surprise is that even at a young age he was so strong willed he already developed ways of negotiating what he wanted like when to eat, when to play and when to sleep. He has the makings of a great lawyer!

Since I knew that movies could be teaching tools I brought over a children's film the next time I was babysitting this little boy. We had fun and laughed and maybe some of the movie's lessons spoke to him. At the very least I believe the seeds of the lessons had nestled somewhere in his heart and mind.

Nanny McPhee 2005

The family movie Nanny McPhee (Emma Thompson) is about a nanny who uses magic to help teach 7 unruly children to behave better. The film takes place in 19th century England where Nanny McPhee helps the father of the children, widower Cedric Brown (Colin Firth) who clearly has his hands full!

The boy I was babysitting seemed to enjoy the movie. We both laughed out loud at all the poop and fart jokes! And when Nanny McPhee goes through her 5 Lessons with the children I hoped that he somehow heard the lessons delivered in imaginative and magical ways.

First Lesson: To go to bed when they are told
Second Lesson: To get up when they are told
Third Lesson: To get dressed when they are told
Fourth Lesson: To listen (and say thank you)
Fifth Lesson: To do as they are told

Have you discovered a movie with great lessons for children?

Do you have children and know a film that teaches great lessons for them? Do you know favourite movies of a child that you know have valuable lessons? If so please let me know in the comment section below. Your movie discovery could help many other parents and caregivers!

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Anonymous said...

The 5th lesson covers the first 3 lessons. To Behave and to have some manners are the only messages there. Common sense.

Anonymous said...

Iron Giant (you are who you choose to be) my kids lovved it and understood the message. it's simple, fun, great flick....

Eda M.

Anonymous said...

My girls Love August Rush! They both said that its a feel good movie. That it makes you believe in and follow your dreams.

Colleen S.S.

Anonymous said...

Lessons - "Powder" -- that's about the best movie I ever saw with lessons for children around self-esteem and respect forthe earth

Kath G

Anonymous said...

‎"Up" has to be one of the most moving cartoons I've seen, and its a great lesson teacher for adults ;

Piera B

Anonymous said...

All Movies with PIPPI LANGSTRUMPF are just perfect 4 kidz!

Nathalie K
Oberursel, Germany

Anonymous said...

The Colour of Friendship!!! one i watched a lot with my daughters. It's based on a true story first of all, and although most true stories end sadly this one does not. It's also about teen agers, and living in the 70's, and apartheid. You will not be the same when the credits roll. I look forward to your perspective...

Gillienne S