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Tip#435: What's Your Version? - Barney's Version

I recently got a call from Francis D'Souza, a reporter from Citytv News who saw my Youtube video of my G20 riot police experience back in June 2010. It's a video I've received many positive and negative comments about. In this case this reporter was eager to interview me within the hour for the evening news.

Scroll down at this Citytv link to see interview: Click here

My story itself was part of the controversial police tactics used called kettling that I, along with other non-protesters, were caught in at Queen St. and Spadina Ave. here in Toronto. Even though I was just on my way home at the time I was criticized for not staying indoors or even being in the city that weekend. Whatever anyone chooses to think, I am simply sharing my version of the story.

Barney's Version 2010

The movie Barney's Version is based on a novel by Mordecai Richler about the life of an impulsive and fearlessly blunt man named Barney Panofsky (Paul Giamatti). His story spans 3 marriages and the ups and downs of an intriguing life and career.

At first I wasn't sure where this movie was going but after about 1/2 an hour I was hooked and enthralled by Barney's story and his relationships. I was so immersed in the tale that I forgot I was in a movie theatre. There was something about the actor's performances and the relationships that drew me into this man's world. Barney was a flawed human being and yet he had so much heart. We were just seeing his version of how he saw his life.

The movie was highly recommended by a Facebook Friend and his enthusiasm for the film was so strong I ended up seeing it the next day. That's why I love social media, like-minded people gravitate towards one another.

Your Version of Life

As for my G20 experience, I always felt I had a higher purpose being corralled by riot police and somehow being interviewed for a video I was compelled to shoot confirms this feeling. And if I end up helping others in some way for telling my version of what happened then that would be absolutely fantastic.

Be confident in whatever version of life you want to live or share with others. That's how you connect with like-minded people. That's also the beauty of social media like Facebook and Youtube. There will be individuals around the planet that will connect with how you see the world. They want to hear your story. So keep believing in your own story!

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