Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Tip#439: The Helping Attitude - Battle: Los Angeles

The photos and video of the 8.9 earthquake and 7 metre high tsunami that hit Japan on Friday have been devastating to see. I have a Facebook friend that lives in Japan and thanks to his postings on his Facebook wall he let us all know he was all right.

The next day I was drawn to see the movie Battle: Los Angeles and found it riveting because it was filmed as if an alien invasion was actually happening. So in light of the disasters happening in Japan all the cinematic scenes of mass evacuations and destruction hit my emotions extra hard.

Battle: Los Angeles 2011

The movie Battle: Los Angeles is about a Marine platoon engaging alien invaders as they carry survivors to a safety zone in Los Angeles. Led by Staff Sergeant Michael Nantz (Aaron Eckhart) the story brings up the importance of fostering loyalty, respect, team spirit and inspired leadership among his platoon.

Staff Sergeant (as he is referred to in the film) finds redemption with his current platoon after losing many men on a previous mission. It is through his heroic, selfless actions does he garner respect from the officers under his command. They all end up following him wherever he leads without question or fear.

The movie reminded me of a key factor that I believe we all need reminding of every day. And that is no matter what challenges and disasters we may face we must cultivate supportive relationships we can count on. It is in the spirit of helping one person or many that we can overcome individual or large scale adversities.

Have you experienced the helping attitude?

I recently spent an evening helping lift a friend's spirit who is going through intense life changes. Have you helped someone recently? Or have you experienced meaningful help from someone else? Please let me know in the comment section below. Your examples could inspire others to take action in their own lives.

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1 comment:

YouMeanALot said...

I recently have helped a relative who was arrested after a domestic incident. Stress of driving a truck and supporting a wife and 4 kids had driven him to drinking.Once bailed he realised he had to change so I have been using movies to help him see things differently.
Started with The Secret,Pursuit of Happyness then Amal.The change in him in such a short time is inspiring.
If you or your followers could recommend other uplifting movies I would appreciate it!