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Tip#392: Enjoy a Crazy Mix – Machete

There was one time in my life when mixing a hot waffle with ice cream seemed crazy until I tasted it. It was the same with combining mandarin oranges in a salad. Eventually I discovered I enjoyed the deliciousness of contrasting tastes and textures. So now I stay open to life's unusual combinations because I know it could be a pleasant surprise.

That's how I treated the idea of seeing the film Machete after watching a wild trailer online (click here to see). There was such a crazy mix of movie stars and TV actors that it looked bizarre seeing them together. Check out some of the cast:

Robert De Niro
Jessica Alba
Steven Seagal
Michelle Rodriguez
Cheech Marin
Don Johnson
Lindsay Lohan

The movie was actually born from a fake trailer for the movie Grindhouse that celebrated 70's exploitation B movies. That means, bad filming, scratches on the film, cheesy acting, lots of guns, blood and guts and naked girls. The fake trailer became so popular on Youtube that writer director Robert Rodriguez made a full movie based on it. I finally saw the film and had so much fun watching all these actors mix it up in this hilarious and over the top experience.

Machete 2010

The movie Machete is about an illegal immigrant Machete (Danny Trejo) who is a former Mexican Federale turned renegade. The story unfolds with double-crosses and then revenge which brings in the wild array of stars into the plot. De Niro plays a corrupt Senator, Steven Seagal an evil drug lord and Lindsay Lohan a nun with a gun.

The real enjoyment is seeing the actors doing their part in this cheesy B movie style film no matter how ridiculous the scenes are. You definitely need a healthy sense of humour to appreciate this type of movie.

Life is full of strange combinations. Whether it's different foods mixed together or a crazy choice of actors in a movie do your best to stay open to the results. You may discover something new, tasty and fun.

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