Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Tip#391: Proof You're On The Right Track Pt. 2 – The Toronto Star – Julie and Julia

One of the biggest gifts I've discovered from being stripped to the core of my finances, business and home this year has been to focus on a career path that excites me the most. That path is my passion for movies. All I had to do was recognize that writing this movie blog has kept me energized throughout the challenging 6 months I’ve been through. It has also been of tremendous value to readers around the world.

Through a series of weekly career coaching with several friends and colleagues it was common sense that movie related professionals, companies and opportunities would make themselves visible. All I had to do was focus on my love for presenting and writing about movies. And that's what I did.

Pecha Kucha Night Presentation

Synchronistically, two amazing opportunities came up quickly. First I was recently asked to give a Pecha Kucha Night presentation specifically on movies. These are unique slide presentations of 20 images at 20 seconds each. More than 220 cities around the world host these events. My presentation is called "15 Movies That Saved My Life This Year". More info: Click here

The Toronto Star Article

The second opportunity came when a journalist for The Toronto Star contacted me looking for a movie expert to provide thoughts about Gordon Gekko from the film Wall Street. I was thrilled to have been interviewed and the article was printed within 4 days! He found me because someone who knows about my movie blog recommended me. Read article (bottom of this link): Click here

Julie & Julia 2009

The movie Julie & Julia is based on two true stories about two women who focus on their passion for food. It also provides exciting proof for being on the right track. Julie Powell (Amy Adams) is one of the stories who writes a blog about making a dish every night for a year from Julia Child's famed recipe book.

During her mission to blog every day she began to build a following of dedicated readers sending her encouragement and feedback. Ultimately she was contacted by The New York Times and later published a best seller based on her blog and, of course, became a successful Hollywood movie.

When you find the courage to choose any career or life path there will always be proof you are on the right track. And when you focus on your passion the universe will always help you recognize the hidden opportunities to turn it into a fulfilling career.

Remember whatever you focus on expands. Let it be a path that excites you!

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Anonymous said...

Hi Emmanuel
I originally met you when you were co-hosting the internet program with David Grossman. You kindly offered to send me your Movies That Motivate blog.

I have found the messages both interesting and motivating. Also, I have learned to draw more than entertainment from the movies which I watch.
The road through life takes many turns and it is good to have some guide posts to help one keep on track.

I shall continue to look foeward to each new message.

Craig Phillips

Candice Frederick said...

wow, wha a great opprtunity! i love when fate finally shows its face. great post!

Emmanuel Lopez - Motivatorman said...

Thank you Craig for your feedback and so happy you are seeing more than just entertainment from movies because of my blog. These are the type of comments that provide me ongoing proof I am on my life path!

And thanks Candice for your enthusiastic response to fate!