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Tip#384: Tell Your Story – G20 Toronto Pt.10 – Avatar Special Edition

Continuing my story from part 9 of my G20 Toronto experience at Queen and Spadina on June 27th, I was just released from the G20 detention centre (see tip#382). I was given a ride home by one of the many Toronto citizens volunteering their kindness to the detainees.

I arrived home just north of Queen and Spadina around midnight. This very long night had lasted 6 hours. Though still damp from being held in the rain earlier by the police the first thing I did was review the footage I took of the riot police. Throughout this whole ordeal this video felt extremely important and was relieved my camera and footage was intact. I posted the video on Youtube as soon as I could. See video

My gut was telling me that documenting this event was vital. My video and my personal experience were somehow necessary. I knew I was going to blog about my G20 experience and my intentions allowed me to connect with other like-minded detainees who soon posted their own stories online.

1) Michael Talbot, CityTV News Photographer
Michael and I connected via the G20 Facebook groups that immediately formed online. He pointed out that he is visible in my video. Through Facebook we shared links to each of our blog posts. See his photos and story: Click here

2) Dylan Leeder, Photographer
I sat next to Dylan on the police bus and he is the one I blogged about that referred to the horror of the caged people in the detention centre as a scene from the movie Children of Men. See his photos and story: Click here

3) Sherry B. Good, Representative Plaintiff, Class Action Lawsuit
Sherry and I connected via a G20 Facebook group and she shared her compelling story via a word document and is now available online. She is now acting as the representative plaintiff for more than 800 people who claim they were wrongfully arrested during the G20 weekend in Toronto. Read her story: Click here

Avatar Special Edition 2010

James Cameron's movie Avatar was a technological breakthrough in visual storytelling. It told the tale of a paraplegic former Marine named Jake Sully (Sam Worthington) who is recruited to learn more about an alien race called the Na’vi on their home planet Pandora.

At the heart of movie's narrative is Sully documenting his entire, mind-blowing experience on video. In doing so Sully is recording events so others may somehow benefit and learn from. This storytelling device also allows the audience to follow in his first hand encounters as if we are part of the story.

As for the 9 extra minutes Cameron has added to this special edition only fans who have seen the original version several times may notice. The new footage is spread out throughout the film and some of it does add to the storyline as well as add more amazing visuals. Cameron is already planning another DVD release with a total of 16 extra minutes of footage! Here is a list of notable new footage: Click here

Be a Conscious Storyteller

This blog has become part of my heart and soul for over 3 years. It has become my passion to document my life and career challenges here in my hometown of Toronto. And if my video and blog articles on my G20 experience can somehow help or inspire others then it was worth the ordeal I endured that night in June.

In our lives and careers we are all storytellers. We are already documenting who we are and what we believe in through our words and actions. And if you are compelled to write, record, photograph or videotape any event, know that you are documenting history for the benefit of others.

Be a conscious storyteller in your life. Be more aware that your point of view has value. There are people out there who want to hear your story!

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