Sunday, September 26, 2010

Tip#390: Prepare Your Mind For Anything – G20 Toronto Pt.12 – The Karate Kid

Mindset definition:
A habitual or characteristic mental attitude that predetermines how you will interpret and respond to situations

The greatest gift I received from my G20 experience was discovering how fearless I was being surrounded by a battalion of riot police. I didn't panic or do anything irrational (see tip#369). And despite feeling trapped with no way out I maintained an attitude of indestructible optimism.

Ten years ago I experienced an early mid-life crisis where my life and career collapsed. Work stopped coming in, I lost my sense of purpose and suffered the death of my father. And yet looking back I recognize that I was actually in training to transform my mindset to remain positive. The training was difficult but over time my self-confidence increased as well as my resilience.

The same training intensified again this year with the collapse of my finances, business and home. Difficult times can help you build positive, proactive attitudes and mindsets. You just have to recognize the secret training you are receiving during times of crisis.

The Karate Kid 1984

The both versions of The Karate Kid movie demonstrate what it is to receive secret training that is beneficial later on. In the original film Daniel (Ralph Macchio) is told by his karate teacher (Pat Morita) to wax his car in a specific pattern "wax on, wax off". Later Daniel discovers that this repetitive action had trained his muscles and mind for highly effective karate moves.

The Karate Kid 2010

In the new version of The Karate Kid, Mr. Han (Jackie Chan) makes Dre (Jaden Smith) remove his jacket, hang it up, drop to the ground and pick it up again over and over. After many days of doing this and despite Dre's frustration he later discovers he was secretly being trained for powerful Kung Fu actions. When attacked Dre's instincts were now conditioned to take action and instantly protect himself.

Train Your Thoughts

My love for movies keep my spirit energized. Films inspire me to bring out the best in myself. During my G20 experience I maintained a positive mindset while I was: corralled by riot police; being detained in icy cold rain; or nearly suffocating in the police bus (see previous tips below for details). And it was all thanks to my previous life challenges that trained and empowered my current mindset.

Throughout my G20 ordeal I could almost hear Neo from The Matrix cheering me on to stay strong. I could sense Jake Sully from Avatar encouraging me to record everything I was experiencing and tell my story later to inspire others. And by my side I could feel the support of Harry Potter's magic keeping me energized.

In life we've all felt situations where problems seem so hopeless. Only a resilient, proactive mindset can allow you to overcome any obstacle, any pitfall and anything else trying to box you in.

See your challenges as an opportunity to develop new skill sets in being resourceful, resilient and persistent. Train your thoughts so they always default to indestructible optimism. Then you will always face life head on with eyes wide open and brimming with confidence!

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Sheri Zampelli AKA Gal VanIZed said...

I like this quote: "I was actually in training to transform my mindset to remain positive." It's great that you are so transparent about your struggles as they are happening. It's great to read about you moving through these challenges without shame.

Emmanuel Lopez - Motivatorman said...

Wow, thanks for your feedback Sheri. You are helping confirm that this is my path to be transparent and share my journey (positive and negative) with the world.

I love writing this blog and sharing the movies that help me be a better person and if that helps inspire others I am THRILLED!

Thanks again Sheri!