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Tip#383: We All See Value In Different Things - The Book of Eli

One person can love a movie while another may not care for it at all! Why are there vastly different opinions about movies? I believe it's because each of our life experiences shape the lenses for how we view the world. Our experiences define what VALUE we find in the stories and ideas in films.

I have a video on Youtube I produced about passion and, as of this writing, received over 45,800 hits (see here). This doesn't mean that thousands of people love my video. In fact if you read the comments they are mostly negative. And yet I've received dozens of direct messages from people who loved the video. It goes to show that people find value in things that others may not.

One movie I absolutely loved was The Book of Eli. It was visually stylish and I recognized powerful subtle messages I found very motivating. And yet the film has had mixed reviews much like Eat Pray Love which I also loved (see tip#381). We all have different tastes in movies. No one is right or wrong.

The Book of Eli 2010

The movie The Book of Eli takes place in a post-apocalyptic world where a nomad named Eli (Denzel Washington) is on a mission to deliver the last remaining bible to the west coast of the US. Along the way you discover how some of the things we take for granted every day have greater value in this future world.

Eli's life experiences have shaped how he views his world so water is now more valuable than gold. Ordinary blankets, lighters and even fast food wet-naps have higher value in his future. Other insights the film shares are: appreciating the things we own; power in giving a compliment; being grateful; helping others.

Valuable Lessons

This movie has great value for me because it is a mirror for my life right now. I connected with the film's insights because of the valuable lessons I've been learning. My current life purging, life change and life rebuilding has shown me what I truly value the most. I have had to let go of so many furnishings and personal belongings that I actually feel lighter on so many levels.

My intense G20 Toronto experience with riot police in June (see series starting with tip#269) also helped me to value and appreciate the air we breathe, a simple breeze, freedom and the kindness of strangers. I am now living more fully. It's a fantastic feeling!

We all see value in different things. Everyone is going to have a different view of a movie so allow yourself to be inspired by films that others may not like. Stand by what you value because you will eventually find others that share your thoughts and opinions. This is what it is to be true to your SELF. Find the awesome value in LIVING your authentic self!

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I loved the movie Eli and your Youtube video too, especially your drawings and voice over.