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Tip#382: Ignite Your Neighborly Spirit – G20 Toronto Pt.9 – Mr. Deeds Goes To Town

Looking back now at my ordeal with the G20 riot police at Queen and Spadina in Toronto I was most affected by something very positive. And that was the warm, neighborly spirit I experienced immediately after being released from the detention centre.

In part 8 I had just traveled through the surreal corridors of the G20 detention centre and witnessed the caged people there (see tip#379). At the exit I was released from my metal handcuffs, carried my belongings still in the plastic police bag and escorted out into the damp night air.

I looked up and saw a Subaru car dealer sign and remembered this detention centre was inside the converted Toronto Film Studio on Eastern Ave. I walked passed several police officers towards the road where people across the way applauded me and other detainees exiting the detention centre.

Immediately a man came up to me and said they had water, food and warm clothes across the street. He even said there were volunteers to drive me home. I was deeply touched by this generosity of spirit. I found my glasses in the plastic police bag and went over to get some food, water and a very, very warm blanket.

Mr. Deeds Goes to Town 1936

The Frank Capra classic Mr. Deeds Goes to Town celebrates the idea of extending neighborly spirit to others. After inheriting millions of dollars, Goodfellow Deeds (Gary Cooper) decides to use his entire fortune to help give the unemployed financing to set up their own farms.

And because Deeds comes from a small town he is empathic to the small yet meaningful needs of others around him. He feeds others when he sees they are hungry or simply treats others with heartfelt kindness and respect.

Meet John Doe 1941

Another Frank Capra film Meet John Doe celebrates the same neighborly spirit. A homeless man, John Doe (Gary Cooper) finds himself in an unusual position where he gives a radio speech that inspires a nation to help one another. The broadcast inspires people to form John Doe Clubs all over the country and do what they can to help those in need in their own neighborhoods.

The Warmth of Strangers

I feel blessed to have experienced the warmth of strangers who just wanted to help the detainees of the G20 Queen and Spadina experience. Caring Toronto citizens who were watching the TV news of our situation had come to our aid offering food, water, warm clothes and a safe ride home.

To those who were there that night I thank you from the fullness of my heart. Your kindness and generosity gave me the greatest gift out of an intense experience. You reaffirmed that during times of trauma and unexpected crisis that people can demonstrate the greatest meaning of what it is to be human. And that is to help one another.

Be inspired to do the same for others in need around you. To start you can become more aware of your own neighbors and extend a smile and warm eye contact when you pass them by. You'll be amazed at how open people are once you show them the open hand of friendship. It takes one person to initiate contact. Be that person today!

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