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Tip#399: Find Your Dream Team - Micmacs

As I approach writing my 400th tip of this movie blog I find it very synchronistic that several movies I've seen recently feature France in their stories. There was Hereafter (see tip#396) and A Good Year (see tip#398). I felt deep in my soul I was being reminded that the world was my oyster. Traveling to exciting, new lands IS part of my destiny.

Another movie that fell into my lap (literally!) was the French film called Micmacs. Created by the director of Amelie, Jean-Pierre Jeunet, Micmacs was filled with colourful Parisian settings and vibrant characters. It also had a fantastic message about the benefits of teamwork.

Micmacs 2009

The movie Micmacs is about a man named Bazil (Dany Boon) who has a goal to force 2 companies (arms and weapons manufacturers) to be accountable for the damage and pain they've caused him. He is supported by a multi-talented group of junkyard scavengers that welcome him into their family.

This story is almost like an X-Men movie where each person in this group has a unique skill set and fantastic ability. Together they enthusiastically create and execute humorous shenanigans (micmacs) towards the arms manufacturers. This is Bazil's dream team!

Examples of Bazil's dream team include:

• Mama Chow (Yolande Moreau) – Keeps the team/family together
• Elastic Girl (Julie Ferrier) – A contortionist that could fit into any tight space
• Tiny Pete (Michel Crémadès) – Appears to be an old man but has incredible strength
• Calculator (Marie-Julie Baup) – Able to calculate distances and measurements by sight alone

The movie inspired and reminded me that my dreams and goals will come true as long as I gather my own dream team. As I've learned in running my own business for over 20 years that it is so much more efficient (and fun) working with experts in what they do. And I know that my desire to travel around the world AND give my Movies that Motivate lectures will be a team effort and an exciting, shared experience.

The Factor of Teamwork

Remember the factor of teamwork for your own goals and dreams. Know that teamwork gets tasks accomplished. Teamwork is the key to achieving a big vision. And even in our daily lives we must all cultivate our own dream team. Find someone who supports and listens to you. Have someone who will keep you accountable. Have someone skillful at things that you struggle with that you need.

The journey towards a task, goal or dream could be a long one. Why not share the journey with people eager to support and encourage you?

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