Sunday, October 10, 2010

Tip#394: Trust Your Inner Voice Pt.2 - The Town

On a recent Sunday I felt the urge to see a certain movie because of the positive buzz it was generating. And though I almost talked myself out of seeing it I trusted in my inner voice and had an incredible movie experience.

It was an amazing sensation hearing this inner voice because it sounded so clear and almost external. You may call it a higher self or even your soul that was speaking. Either way I know this sense of clarity was a benefit from all the personal development I've done over the years to clear my mind, do regular meditations and focus inward for answers I sought.

The movie that got a lot of buzz in the media and here at the recent Toronto International Film Festival was Ben Affleck's The Town. By trusting the buzz and my inner voice I treated myself to an awesome film far beyond my expectations. It simply made me feel great! The story, the action scenes, the characters and their relationships drew me into their world and reminded me of why I loved movies so much.

The Town 2010

The film The Town is a crime story about a group of lifelong friends who come from a family of bank robbers in Boston Massachusetts. Doug MacRay (Ben Affleck) is the leader of this gang and soon finds himself conflicted when he falls in love with bank manager Claire (Rebecca Hall) who he first sees during the opening robbery.

This is an anti-hero story and best that you don't know anymore so you can experience for yourself how well-crafted this movie is. You will see how the hero makes decisions based on his heart and not his head. I invite you to trust your inner voice, take a risk and see this film.

Learn to trust your inner voice because it comes from your heart instead of your head. It's an important distinction and it takes time to separate them for yourself. Your head can over analyze things and can create justifiable doubts. Just remember one thing… Your inner voice is FREE from fear. So any inner thoughts you hear based on fear is not your authentic inner voice.

Enjoy your journey in discovering your authentic inner voice. Find the distinction between your head and heart speaking to you. Let your heart lead you to uplifting movies and answers you seek in your life.

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Candice Frederick said...

such a good movie. Ben Affleck did good.

Emmanuel Lopez - Motivatorman said...

HI Candice, I also agree from your blog post on The Town that Blake Lively did a breakthrough performance.