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Tip#398: How Movies Inspire Travel – A Good Year – Letters To Juliet

It's coming up to 6 months since I lost my home of 15 years, moved into a smaller place and then forced to move again into an even smaller space with just the essentials for living and working (see tip#372). Being here at this very moment has magnified my desire to travel around the world.

More than ever movies became my motivation and an escape from all I've lost. And films that featured the gorgeous vistas of France and Italy became uplifting resources for me to visualize and magnetize the future I want. And these have been my desired destiny for years.

Everything that's happened to me this year has had parallels to the movie hero of Eat Pray Love who following her desire to travel to places like Rome and Naples in Italy. And so recently my desires to experience new lands have been reactivated by 2 films that whet my appetite to visit.

A Good Year 2006

The movie A Good Year shows off the beautiful lands of Provence located in southeastern France. Max Skinner (Russell Crowe) has a busy London life as a workaholic trader that is interrupted to deal with the inheritance of his uncle’s vineyard estate in Provence.

While there his childhood memories and passion for this land come back. You get to experience the beauty of the vineyards, the mansion and the warmth of the people living there. The colours, sights and sounds of Provence are so rich and tasty you could butter a croissant with it! I already know I want to visit the beautiful village of Gordes in Luberon where Max meets his love Fanny Chenal (Marion Cotillard).

Letters to Juliet 2010

The movie Letters to Juliet shows off gorgeous vistas of Verona and the surrounding countryside. An American named Sophie (Amanda Seyfried) is on vacation in Verona Italy when she becomes one of the "secretaries of Juliet" (of Romeo and Juliet) answering letters from those asking for help about love.

Sophie finds a 50 year old unanswered letter and responds to it. This begins an adventure that takes her and you through the incredible beauty of the Italian countryside. Every hill and valley feels sun drenched in golden light and they filled my senses with each location. Even the scenes featuring tantalizing foods made my mouth water and yearn to be there. Once again I knew my goal was to visit and taste the world of Verona, the rest of Italy and France!

Movies can reactivate dreams and desires with images and sounds from far off lands. They can help you be free of the confines of an unfulfilling life or job even if it's just a few hours. They can help you visualize what you want to experience and even be your first travel guide to the richness this world has to offer. Remember the power of movies and let them reactivate your positive emotional energy!

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