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Tip#320: What Truly Matters To You? - Up In The Air

Sometimes it takes unexpected change or crisis to help you see what truly matters in your career or life. That can be a crucial step for making the changes you've been wishing for all along.

I've just had an incredible first week of 2010! Each day I received clues and signs reminding me to focus this year on my passion for writing this movie blog. One of these signs was simply a deep knowing that I truly loved writing about movies that are making a positive difference with readers like you.

There are people in the world who have chosen to let go of their passions and dreams in order to get jobs that provide the income they desire. And then there are people, like me, who have chosen to leave a comfortable job and follow my passion for movies and motivating others. It takes a lot of courage for the latter and yet I believe every person is meant to somehow integrate their passions into their career.

That's why there is a silver lining to when professionals are unexpectedly let go from their jobs. It doesn't matter what the reason was for the termination, what matters is the golden opportunity to find a position you are passionate about.

Up In The Air 2009

The movie Up In The Air is filled with characters and situations that can mirror your current career choices. It will make you think about what truly matters to you. The story revolves around Ryan Bingham (George Clooney), a corporate downsizing expert and motivational speaker whose job is to let go of employees in businesses across the United States.

There is one key scene where he is terminating an employee who becomes angry about how to care for his two daughters when he is jobless. Ryan surprises the employee by telling him he can now follow his dream for French cooking. Ryan had identified from the man's resume that he once had a passion for cooking and helps him see the silver lining of being let go. You see on the man's face that he had a profound shift in his thoughts.

So let movies you connect with be a mirror to help you see what truly matters to you. Let the movie characters you identify with show you what you want AND don't want in your career. You always have a choice in whatever occupation you desire. Just make sure it is filled with passion!

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Candice Frederick said...

this is the perfect post for this movie, that is such a timely look at what's going on today. it really makes us evaluate how how jobs shape us

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Georgia said...

Hy Emmanuel,

I wasn't sure if I wanted to see this movie...until this moment! It is on my list now, thanks to your article. :)

Emmanuel Lopez - Motivatorman said...

Thanks Candice and Georgia for your comments. There are so many other important themes in Up In The Air movie and would need several blog postings to discuss!

Examples: cultivating relationships; travel tips; mentors/apprentices; family...


Anonymous said...

add to the list of themes: loyalty and expectations

Head Health Nutter said...

I've GOT to see this movie!

Thanks for blogging about it, Emmanuel, AND, of course, your invaluable messages of optimism and passion!

Steph @ Live