Sunday, January 31, 2010

Tip#326: The Power of Acknowledgement, Part 1 - Groundhog Day

Whether it's in your personal life or the workplace acknowledgement and support from another person is a powerful thing. And as I wrote in tip#324 and tip#325 one person can make a world of difference for someone feeling lost or hopeless.

I continued to celebrate this idea at 2 recent events I facilitated in Toronto. The first was hosting a panel of experts giving employment advice to job seekers at the IEP Conference for internationally educated professionals. To my amazement this over-capacity crowd spilled out into the hallway proving that many individuals needed help. I, and the panelists, reminded everyone continually of how important it was to network and support one another.

The second event I hosted was an exclusive private screening and motivational talk of the film, Groundhog Day at The Spoke Club. It was here I celebrated and shared one of my favourite movies with many of the close friends and colleagues that have supported me recently during my own challenges. It was an energizing night for all.

Groundhog Day 1993

The movie Groundhog Day is about transformation. It's about changing your mindset in order to change your current situations. The story features a self-centred weatherman named Phil Connors (Bill Murray) caught in a time warp and forced to live the same day in the same town over and over again. By changing his mindset he was able to break out of this private hell he was in. He focused on thinking of others first and committing random acts of kindness!

After the screening the group discussion lead to identifying the point at which Connors switched over his negative mindset after he sunk into a depression. One person brought up a powerful answer that Connors became optimistic when he finally asked for help and his producer Rita (Andie MacDowell) acknowledged his predicament.

This can be a profound moment for anyone in need. It is the moment of being acknowledged and believed in. And in that moment you can be filled with uplifting energy from the kindness of a friend, colleague or even a total stranger.

Ask For Help

So if you feel caught in your own private hell and can't break out, do your best to ask for help. Whether it's in the workplace or your personal life someone, somewhere will acknowledge your situation. Someone will believe in you and that form of recognition will fill you with positive emotional energy. You will be lifted high above your trapped mindset and see the positives of the negatives you are in.

It may take days, weeks or even years to travel through a challenge you feel caught in. Whatever happens always remember that there will be others along your path that will acknowledge and support your journey.

Happy Groundhog Day (Feb.2nd) to all my readers around the world! Celebrate all the people who are helping you along your life path!

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Emmanuel Lopez-Motivatorman
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Anonymous said...

Hi Emmanuel! I gather from your last posts that life has dealt you some "curve balls". Be patient and open. In my experience, you can either ignore the "ball" coming right at you and regret not facing the challenge, or you can confidently "swing" and risk reaching incredible heights. I'm confident you will do wonderful things.

Take care,

P.S. I love baseball :) and all the metaphors the game provides.

Head Health Nutter said...

This is such an amazing and inspiring movie, Emmanuel, and it was like watching it for the first time when we saw it together as a group at the Spoke Club.

Asking for help is definitely a sign that you're releasing yourself from ego. At this point, you recognize that you're only human and that life can be easier (and more enjoyable) with a little support from friends!

Great post and Happy Groundhog Day!

Steph @ Live

Emmanuel Lopez - Motivatorman said...

Thanks for your insights on Groundhog Day movie Steph. It is truly a transformative movie for anyone watching it.

And glad you enjoyed the private screening!