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Tip#311: Be Open to Magical Messages, Part 1 - Serendipity movie

Sometimes when you are feeling lost in your work, career or life magical messages of encouragement will appear when you need it most. All you have to do is see or hear what’s right in front of you.

During the current business challenges I'd been writing in my previous blog tips (tip#308 and tip#309) my faith and belief were being tested. I felt stuck with the obstacles I was facing. As always there were movies I discovered to help motivate me. There were also 3 magical messages of encouragement.

Magical Message #1

I recently had an amazing week giving several social media talks here in Toronto. At one presentation an attending friend and colleague gave me a gift she said she was compelled to purchase and give me. She gave me this beautiful silver heart-shaped Christmas ornament with the word BELIEVE written on it.

Magical Message #2

During another presentation I was talking about how fast you can connect with people on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. An attendee shared something that amazed the audience and myself. She had been tweeting on her smart phone about my seminar. and soon after she announced that someone I knew from high school responded to her twitter message saying, "Emmanuel was one of the people that taught me how to draw and airbrush at Canada’s Wonderland!!!"

The attendee's name who shared this message was FAITH!

Magical Message #3

Finally, during that same week a university student had contacted me wanting to interview me about my success stories with Twitter. I later asked him how he found my name. He said he did a search online with the keywords "Toronto media expert". My expertise in social media was already in search engines online. I was excited!

To me these were all empowering messages encouraging me to BELIEVE and have FAITH that everything will work out. I also felt strongly that the universe was reminding me that I am an expert in the field of social media and networking even when I have my doubts.

Serendipity 2001

The movie Serendipity celebrates magical signs and having the faith to follow them. Serendipity is defined by Kate Beckinsale’s character Sara as "a fortunate accident". She and Jonathan (John Cusack) meet one special night at Christmas time and then lose touch of each other for many years.

But then fortunate accidents and magical messages kept reminding them of each other. The universe was encouraging them of their destiny to come together as soul mates. They eventually chose to believe that the coincidences they experienced had a greater meaning they must follow. The results end up a very happy reunion for them both!

So if you are feeling lost in your work, career or life remember that magical signs, clues, serendipities, synchronicities and messages are always being sent to guide you through. Use your intuition to FEEL the messages in the signs you see and hear. BELIEVE that you will get through your challenges. And have FAITH that everything will work out in the end.

"You don't have to understand. You just have to have faith."
Serendipity (2001)

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Head Health Nutter said...

I LOVE this post, Emmanuel, and the movie, Serendipity!

Why? Because it's comforting to hear when people recognize their signs from the Universe.

It's almost as if life is a REAL adventure, and that the Universe plays the role of a nurturing, supportive and wise parent, guiding us on our journey with subtle (and sometimes obvious) clues.

Are their courses for increasing your intuitive abilities and awareness? I'd LOVE to be more sensitive to Universal signs!

Steph Miller

Emmanuel Lopez - Motivatorman said...

Hi Steph,

Thanks again for your wonderful comments!

Good question about increasing intuitive abilities. So many resources out there like Law of Attraction materials by Hicks/Abraham, Dr. Robert Anthony and any of the gang from The Secret movie!


Ms. Pitaro said...

The movie that was constantly being shown on tv and I kept missing the beginning. I was forced to create my own scenario of how Sara and Jonathan met until I made the decision to watch the movie in full and experience the magic. It's great!