Sunday, December 27, 2009

Tip#316: Stay Positive Even In The Rain – Julie & Julia

I just had the most surrealistic Christmas Day ever. It started in the afternoon of Dec. 24th when I answered a Twitter message that went out from a news reporter at CityTV, a major TV network here in Toronto. She was looking for a movie blogger in town who wanted to talk movies at 5:30pm Christmas Day at their TV studios.

As a movie blogger I thought I was perfect for this and actually had been dreaming about talking about movies that motivate on TV. Though, in this case, it would mean leaving a family Christmas dinner to do this. So I sent a twitter message back with a link to my blog saying I was interested. She responded asking if I'd be interested in talking about movies opening on Christmas day like Sherlock Holmes, Nine, etc.

I answered yes and asked what do I do next. Now this was Christmas Eve and by 4:45pm Christmas day still received no response. So I took the initiative and went down to the TV studios in the pouring rain. If this was a challenge from the universe asking me how badly I wanted this dream then I was going to take it!

I arrived around 5:05pm and was shocked to find the TV studio building locked with no one inside. In fact there were no signs of life anywhere that I could see through any of the windows of any of the floors. Despite this unexpected situation I felt no anger that I had traveled through the cold rain on Christmas day when I could have stayed warm surrounded by family.

This was a dream opportunity and it was worth taking a risk because movies were my passion and someone wanted what value I had to share.

Julie & Julia 2009

There was a key scene that mirrored my experience from the movie Julie & Julia based on 2 true stories of famed chef Julia Child and Julie Powell who wrote a blog about her passion for food and Julia Child.

There is a scene when Julie (Amy Adams) gets a call from a writer who wants to bring the editor responsible for getting Julia Child published to dinner with Julie. This was a big step for Julie in making her dream come true of getting closer to Julia Child.

Julie takes great initiative to make this evening the best evening possible. Unfortunately the weather turns into pouring rain and the writer calls to cancel. Julie is crushed. But eventually she picks herself back up and continues to push forward with her passion. She remained optimistic and eventually the New York Times called and her blog became a bestselling book and a big Hollywood movie.

Focus on the Positives

Remaining optimistic is how I felt about what happened to me on Christmas Day. I chose to focus on the positives that now someone at a major TV station knows about my blog and my passion for discussing movies. Despite being left out in the rain I celebrated this as a little Christmas gift.

So if something you wanted arrives and suddenly gets taken away from you do your best to focus on the positives. Do your best not to dwell on the negatives that's right in front of you. Look beyond it. Stay optimistic and you will automatically keep yourself open to other opportunities right around the corner!

"What you focus on expands."
Napoleon Hill

Emmanuel Lopez-Motivatorman
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Ms. Pitaro said...

You know I'm a firm believer that some of life's best moments happen in the pouring rain. Bravo!

Sheri Zampelli AKA Gal VanIZed said...

Good stuff. That spirit of optimism will guide you. If you get on T.V., be sure to put it on YouTube and share with us.

Candice Frederick said...

wow, what a great tv opportunity! didn't even know u were on twitter.

Emmanuel Lopez - Motivatorman said...

Many thanks Josie, Sheri and Candice! I will definitely let the world know when I do TV opportunities!


kmcintosh said...

Could you call this "Rain FOR Angels"? Kudos to you for taking action on your dreams while the rest of us relaxed into a Trypophan-enduced coma on the couch.

Emmanuel Lopez - Motivatorman said...

Ha Ha! Thanks kmcintosh! I ended having same Tryptophan goodies that evening!

Anonymous said...

This is one of the best blog you have written. It is from the heart and this only shows how much effort you put into fulfilling your dream. And as always, you pushed forward with optimism despite the road blocks and disappointments you encountered as you continue to do so every time this happens. I know that at the end of the rainbow your dream will be there waiting for you.


Head Health Nutter said...

Thank you for sharing this interesting (and somewhat candid)Christmas story, Emmanuel!

I loved hearing how your passion moved you to leave your comfortable, warm holidays festivities and into the pouring rain.

AND, your reaction to the circumstances is inspiring! What a great Christmas gift for you and now us because of your uplifting blog post. :)

Steph @