Sunday, December 13, 2009

Tip#312: Enjoy the Little Things - Zombieland

Do you want a sure-fire method of re-energizing your mind? Then remember to enjoy the little things in life. They can lift your spirits in a heartbeat!

I loved Pillsbury chocolate chip cookies growing up. And though I have had many different kinds of delicious chocolate chip cookies over the years nothing can match the FEEL GOOD energy I remember from the aroma and taste of Pillsbury cookies!

So after many years I recently treated myself to these fabulous cookies and they were as delicious and blissful as I remembered as a kid. So hot, chewy and crispy all at the same time. My mind and spirit lifted into the stratosphere with the re-igniting of these nostalgic memories. Check out this Pillsbury commercial from the 80's starring a very young Drew Barrymore: See

It is empowering when you are mindful of the things you loved or loved doing growing up. These are incredible resources always at hand to energize you whenever you are feeling down or overwhelmed with life.

Zombieland 2009

The movie Zombieland is an over-the-top gore-filled comedy about a young man who shares his rules for surviving a world infested with zombies. One of those rules is "Rule #32 - Enjoy the little things". And despite the unusual type of movie presenting this idea it is still a universal truth for anyone.

Throughout the story a fellow survivor named Tallahassee (Woody Harrelson) is on a perpetual search for Hostess Twinkies. Why? He simply loves Twinkies! And even though he is chased by zombies in a world gone mad, Tallahassee remains grounded with the thought of a little thing he loved.

Your Positive Emotional Energy

So remember to enjoy the little things in life because they are a powerful source of energy. Positive emotional energy that flows through you can lead to a productive workday or the catalyst to help you focus on whatever you need to achieve.

Tap into the FEEL GOOD memories of childhood treats. Remember old hobbies and things you use to collect that still excite you. There is something in your past that will activate your positive energy right now!

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Candice Frederick said...

lol! interesting way to look at this movie. thanks for the review!

Head Health Nutter said...

Hahaha! That retro commercial with Drew was great! That little pout at the beginning was too much. :)

Thanks for sharing it with us, Emmanuel, and for the Zombieland reference. Heard great things about the movie, loved the trailers and really want to see it, especially after you point out this wise life lesson!

THANK YOU for asking us to tap into feel good memories from childhood, Emmanuel. This exercise brought me back to when, at this time of year, Mom and I drove around town admiring people's holiday lights and decorations. After, we would stop at the local coffee shop to warm up with some hot chocolate.

I'm SO psyched to do it again this year!