Sunday, November 29, 2009

Tip#308: Step Into The Unknown - Joe Versus the Volcano

Sometimes we are faced with a challenge that is unavoidable. This is the moment we must have full faith in stepping into the unknown.

This past week was one of the busiest for speaker bookings and already one of the most meaningful and memorable. The dominant topic I spoke on was how to utilize social media and social networking and I was able to add great value to the professionals attending these keynotes and seminars.

On the flip side I am currently facing unavoidable challenges concerning my business. As I've been documenting on this blog, I've been sharing the challenges one faces in running a business or following your path in life. And part of my purpose in life is to be an open book so you the reader can learn from my successes as well as struggles.

So on one hand I am following my passions AND helping others overcome their challenges. And on the other hand I am learning how to increase my indestructible optimism on an even higher level. I am learning how to step into an even bigger unknown.

Joe Versus the Volcano 1990

The movie Joe Versus the Volcano is a mirror for anyone faced with an unavoidable obstacle. The story is about Joe (Tom Hanks) who is diagnosed with a terminal disease and accepts an unusual request to jump into a volcano.

The motivating aspect of this movie hero revolves around Joe's fearless attitude on his journey towards the island where the volcano is located. At one point his boat is capsized and he is left floating for days on a makeshift raft. A luminous full moon rises and in a dehydrated delirium Joe says...

"Dear God... Thank you for my life..."

Joe had surrendered to his path and expresses profound gratitude for what whatever he'd received in life. This is one movie hero moment that mirrored what I've done in my current situation. Expressing gratitude and faith has empowering me to BELIEVE there is a solution to my challenge.

So when you are faced with a career or life challenge that feels unavoidable do your best to BELIEVE that you will move through the darkness and into a place where all is well. Do your best to be grateful for what you have right now no matter how grim the future looks.

Be inspired by movie heroes and real-life stories demonstrating that facing unexpected change is part of your life path. And remember there are always good people nearby who will support you.

We all have our own volcanoes we must step into at some point of our lives. BELIEVE that everything will somehow turn out absolutely positive in the end.

Emmanuel Lopez-Motivatorman
Motivational Specialist for Professionals
© Emmanuel Lopez 2009


Anonymous said...

Really connected with today's blog. Thank you.


Anonymous said...

I have never seen this one.
I love Meg Ryan.
Thanks for the inspiration, Motivatorman !


Head Health Nutter said...

Thank you for sharing your personal challenges with us, Emmanuel, and for your bravery and wisdom.

Most people deny their challenges to themselves and others. It takes a special person not only to admit when they are experiencing tough times, but also maintain an optimistic attitude throughout.

I loved Joe vs. the Volcano when I first saw it - I'll have to watch it again for this inspiring message!