Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Tip#305: How To Build Meaningful Contacts on LinkedIn and Facebook - 2012 Movie

When it comes to building networks with social media like LinkedIn and Facebook the key is to focus on cultivating meaningful contacts. Sharing your passions and personal interests attracts like-minded people.

Writing my previous blog post on the movie 2012 was such a joy that I wanted to share it on LinkedIn and Facebook. Soon after I was so amazed to receive worldwide responses so quickly that I wanted to share the evidence that you too can build online networks by sharing what is meaningful to you.

1) Passion
It all starts with passion. I am so passionate about movies and for writing that I've combined the two to write an article on the motivational aspects of the movie 2012. You start by taking action with your passion.

2) Harness Social Media
I then used social media to post the article on my Movies that Motivate blog. Next I posted a link to the article onto my "current status" section of LinkedIn and Facebook. This way all my contacts on these sites automatically saw what I was up to when they were online.

3) Join Groups
The big key was to post the article link with examples of the 2012 movie's motivational messages onto groups I had joined on LinkedIn. Joining groups of themes that interest you is what connects you with 100's and 1,000's of like-minded people. They could be professional groups like Marketing or personal interest like Movie Lovers. See examples of my list on my LinkedIn profile on right side near bottom.

4) Results
Within 24 hours I received about a dozen comments and new meaningful contacts from around the world: Bombay India, Saudi Arabia, Venezuela and in the US (Akron Ohio, Los Angeles California, New York NY). Most comments were very encouraging and shared my optimistic point of view about the 2012 movie.

These new contacts came from a variety of fields: Marketing, Human Resources, Graphic Design and Movie Lovers. Now that we are connected we are open to explore how we can help one another achieve our goals and dreams.

And like one of the motivational messages in the movie 2012, it all comes down to helping one another and perpetuating that human spirit on a global level.

Be Inspired To Explore

So be inspired to explore social media like LinkedIn and Facebook. It is a whole new world for quickly building your local and global network. Find something that excites you about social networking online and that's what will fuel the time and energy you'll invest.

Remember that is all starts with sharing your passions and personal interests with the world. By doing so you will be rewarded with the gifts of connecting with like-minded individuals across the planet that will encourage and support your thoughts, ideas and interests.

Isn't that a powerful thought?

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Emmanuel Lopez-Motivatorman
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Chris Morales said...

Well done. I love your suggestions. You opened my eyes to new ways to build my networks. Thanks

Head Health Nutter said...

Thank you, Emmanuel, for sharing this valuable information!

You've helped me see that I need to tune up my efforts on social media and that I've been under-estimating (and under-utilizing) this powerful communication tool.

And big thanks for the practical step-by-step process to reach out to more people! :)

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