Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Tip#307: Enjoy Good Old Fashioned Fun - Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome

Sometimes it feels even more incredible to be aware of whenever you are having fun. That's when you know you are truly living in the moment and fully empowered!

I've recently done several keynotes and seminars on social media and social networking for organizations like Royal Ontario Museum, BCX Danforth-Business Connection Exchange and ACPI Association of Career Professionals International. During these presentations I was acutely aware of how much fun I was having.

I've also been enjoying the Saturday morning matinee screenings at the AMC Theatre in downtown Toronto for over a year now. It has re-ignited happy childhood memories of when there were morning matinees at cinemas and when life was much more simpler.

It's been really fun seeing movies with friends on a Saturday morning like the latest Star Trek film, Julie & Julia and 2012. And recently I caught a movie on TV I had seen many years ago that evoked this timeless childhood fun.

Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome 1985

The movie, Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome is all about good old fashioned fun! It's the last part of a trilogy of films starring a young Mel Gibson as a post-apocalyptic survivor in Australia named Mad Max.

This chapter is filled with colourful, exotic characters with names like Aunty Entity (Tina Turner), Dr. Dealgood and Ton Ton Tattoo. The settings like Barter Town and the Thunderdome sequences are so creative that even today are still exciting to watch. And the tribe of children sequences are still amazing to listen to because of the mishmash dialect they created.

The action adventure scenes are also mixed with slapstick comedy and somehow it all reminded me that movies are sometimes there to instigate a sense of fun. They can take you away from all your troubles and leave you feeling more energized and optimistic.

So remember your own forms of timeless Saturday morning matinee fun. Become aware of times now of when you are enjoying the moment. Relish in a positive pause and say to yourself or to others around you, "Hey! I am really having a good time!"

These moments are uplifting and will fill you with positive emotional energy. And that is the fuel that keeps you resilient, optimistic and enthusiastic about life!

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Anonymous said...

Hello Emmanuell,

I appreciate the great insight on films! You are quite the film enthusiast and your passion is evident :) too!