Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Tip#254: Activate Your Inner Drive - Rudy

Testosterone: A hormone that affects libido, energy and immune function.

In order to achieve your goals you sometimes have to tap into that primal, assertive side to you. It's the side of you that takes action and gets things done!

Recently I attended a networking event where several guys were excitedly talking about the May 2009 Manny/Hatton boxing match. Now if you've been reading this blog you'll recognize that I am not a big sports loving fan. But I knew there was a synchronistic message in looking into the success story of boxer Manny Pacquiao (see last tip#253).

Later at this networking event I met someone who had this primal, assertive energy about him. You could even classify him as the typical jock male overflowing with testosterone. He was aggressive when he talked, abrasive and even a little obnoxious with others around him. But I knew he had a powerful message for me.


The movie Rudy stars Sean Astin as a young man who dreams of playing football for Notre Dame despite his small size. It's a powerful movie about being assertive, determined and persevering no matter how long it takes to reach a goal.

You see how others around him tried to keep Rudy down from a young age. He was always told he couldn't have his dream. But something deep within always told him he could have what he hungered for.

Rudy tapped into that inner primal energy that sustained his courage, confidence and resilience to persevere. I often talk about positive emotional energy and it is more than that. It's the affects of testosterone that fuels an animalistic drive to take action.

It's the same feeling you see when Rudy is grunting and rushing forward in football training. It's the same feeling you get watching a stimulating boxing match like Manny/Hatton. And it's that same feeling I get whenever I go to New York City where that confident, assertive energy flows (see tip#90).

In the end the powerful messages I've been receiving connects with answers I've been searching for about core issues holding me back in parts of my life (see tip#246). There's an inner connection I've been making with my own primal energies. And I know my goal now is to not hold back and to activate my inner testosterone power.

Activate Yourself

So if you are feeling stuck with achieving your dreams or goals become aware of inner energies you need to activate. And if what you lack is that assertive energy then you need to activate that primal side to you. Being aware of what is missing is the first step to getting unstuck.

And if you need inspiration just look at real-life heroes or favourite cinematic role models that personify the energies you desire. That will be the biggest clue for the hidden strengths within you waiting to be awakened!

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Head Health Nut said...

One of the best energies I've seen in awhile is Cesar Milan, The Dog Whisperer. He has a calm, assertive energy that he balances well with the empathy and understanding typical of female energy.

And President Obama is another!

Thanks for the reminder, Emmanuel. If we want to move forward, we have to be aware of the energy state we're in at every moment of the day - at least until it becomes natural and we start living it without thought.

Tu Cambio Es Ahora said...

Hello, Motivatorman. I recently discovered your website. This is an excellent project, congratulations!

I have a blog about motivation and I have published 4 posts about Rudy . Please check them out.

With your permission, I will leave the url of the last post here:

Great work, Emmanuel. I plan to watch a lot of movies because of your blog.

Emmanuel Lopez - Motivatorman said...

Thank you Narke for your compliments! And glad you love Rudy movie too. Always great to connect with other movie lovers like you!